Google buys Feedburner

By PureVC
If you haven’t heard already, Google has purchased Feedburner. Fred Wilson gives some color to the deal on his blog. While terms were not disclosed, Fred admits that his firm made about 3 times its money on the deal. That doesn’t sound like a “homerun” but he clearly outlines how rewarding the investment was for him and his firm in terms of personal satisfaction and in learning about the new media feed world.

This transaction confirms what few prescient VCs have known is the next wave of startups that take advantage of new media. Several years ago no one knew what a widget was or what a feed was. We were all using email and looking at portals and webpages. A very small iteration occurred, and that included the “blog”, the “feed”, and the “community”. In the past few years these have taken off and it remains an undercapitalized investment category simply because a lot of VCs don’t understand the power of this space. Continue reading

5 ways to benefit from MyOrbit

If you are in any kind of business, then based on our experience of helping companies so far, following are 5 ways to benefit from MyOrbit
1. Get better response from clients and prospects: With nearly a decade of business development experience, I can confirm that trust is established rapidly when a person is visible, rather than email or phone, but then meetings with decision making executives are very difficult. Now, when you send your pitch as a video, there is a significantly higher chance of it being watched, and you are much more likely to hear back with an okay on next steps.

2. Improve Sales & Marketing while reducing costs:
We all have our favorite ppts and pdfs tucked into various folders on our laptops. These documents are prepared by subject matter experts. For example, a Banking Solution ppt by your product manager, or a SOX compliance deck by a specialist. We usually send out the deck to a client/prospect and seek a time for a follow-up call. With help from MyOrbit, you can prepare packaged videos to do both these in the first shot. With MyOrbit, you also create your own Industry Group. For example, you can create a Banking Industry Solutions group, which you can fully own and control.

3. Break the linear relation between resource and message:
So often, we are trying to get the subject expert to talk about a given product or solution. The problem is, everybody wants to have him in their sales cycle. The solution is to create a set of videos, where this person can describe all his expertise, and then you can use them in discussions, one by one. The organization benefits a lot from this approach. We are helping companies to take such initiative. In addition, there is a specific benefit related to: Foreign Language Presentations: If you are marketing worldwide, and if you want to present your solution in a foreign language, say French of Spanish, then in addition to getting a subject expert, you have to ensure the language too. This is not easy to achieve regularly, and it often results in delays in the sales cycle. It’s best to package such presentations as a set of videos that can be updated once a quarter. Your message will register better, and clients see it favorably.

4. Project Management & Operations Review:
If you have a geographically dispersed team, with clients located in other countries, then for those key status reports and review presentations, which happen once a month/quarter, you should consider using packaged video, where the manager can present, in required also use a white board, and the team members can elaborate on specific points. It needs some preparation and extra time than just getting onto a telecon bridge. But those who are doing this are seeing the success from it in terms of renewed contracts and new opportunities.

5. Resource Training:
If you have to bring on board new resources on a regular basis, then chances are that today, you are repeating the same sessions. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create simple videos and use the on your intranet.

Why MyOrbit?

Well, we are the leading company out there who’s doing the above things, and we have invested in our infrastructure and services keeping you in mind. Now, few companies do the above things today because (a) it’s new and the infrastructure is getting mature and economical, and (b) it takes a team with experience in different industries and business functions to run a channel like this. Our team is our biggest strength. Our focus on business and professional development ensures that we get focused professionals and executives as audience.

What Next?

This presentation describes how different companies are benefiting from this innovative Internet business channel. There will always be some questions at the end of any presentation, so feel free to share your doubts with us. Contact us and we will show you at least two ways to benefit within 48 hours.

Thanks, Shankar

Goldman Sachs dominating private equity in 2006-2007

Goldman Sachs has worked on nearly half of all private equity deals globally, according to Financial News Online. It has worked as a deal adviser or financial backer on 50 deals worth a combined $226.5 billion. There has been a total of $500 billion worth of deals announced so far this year. If all these deals were brought to fruition, Goldman Sachs could earn in the $4 billion neighborhood for five months worth of work. The firm overall was boosted by advisory work for its in-house private equity arm, which has racked up nearly $90 billion in deals. JPMorgan and Citigroup rank second and third.

Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) -part2

This is part 2 of the presentation series on M&A.

Link for part 1: Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) -part1

In this multi-part video presentation, Nishant Saxena describes the complete M&A process, with learnings from various transactions. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive M&A presentations available on the Internet for free viewing and download: Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Process

About the Presenter: Nishant Saxena is the CEO of Elements Akademia. He has seven years experience in Corporate Finance with Procter & Gamble – including Strategic/ Financial Planning, M&A, Value creation, White-space expansion, GAAP Accounting, and Internal Controls/Audit etc. Worked across various geographies in Asia (Japan, Philippines, India and Singapore) and across various business units. BE, MBA from one of India’s top schools. He founded Elements Akademia in 2007 along with 10 other IIM alumni. The company focusses on the high growth education sector in India and other developing countries.