Why Sales Deals Stall?

If you are into any forms of customer interaction or sales, you will benefit from this interesting sales training video by Dan Lappin of Caskey Training, where he shares “why sales deals stall”. It’s just 6 minutes long and worth watching full. You’ll learn three sales strategies that can improve your ability to control the sales process, improve your credibility, and will have your customers pursuing you. This video has been popular with audience at Myorbit from the time we started last year in 2006. So thanks very much to Dan Lappin.

Google YouTube roadmap converging with MyOrbit

Thanks for visiting MyOrbit.tv – we are in the last leg of our security enhancements and plan to be live again soon. Last week, we got one of the best testaments so far of the path we are taking for MyOrbit.tv


Here’s a brief from the editor of DailyTech Rag newsletter (it’s got about 50k subscribers worldwide)

When you think of YouTube in the enterprise, you probably think of that common quandary many IT departments face: to block or not to block? However, if Google has its way, the decision organizations may soon have to weigh is whether or not to deploy YouTube. BusinessWeek reports Google “is preparing a corporate version of YouTube to create videos for training and employee communications.” Say what? Strange as that might sound, an internal enterprise version of YouTube makes a lot of sense. YouTube makes uploading videos to a web server so simple just about anyone can do it and the playback interface is something practically all Internet users are familiar with. Sure, your organization may not use online video at the moment, but the potential for internally distributing training videos, corporate communications and PR is too great to ignore. While there is currently no timeline for the delivery of the enterprise version of YouTube, it is expected to arrive bundled-in with the next revision of Google Apps.

For more on enterprise YouTube: see this BusinessWeek article


This is my analysis of the planned Google offering. It is a software tool, whereas we offer a business service. My simple analogy is this: Google offering is like a projector with which you can make presentations, and ours is like a projector plus different presenters plus diverse professional audience, so it’s an online business conference. No doubt, Google Youtube Enterprise version will compete on a small front, for some cases of intra-company knowledge sharing, ie., where they only need the projector!

What does it mean for MyOrbit? It means our roadmap for applying new media to business is the way to go. And it also means that we need to increase our efforts to build the community of professionals and businesses using MyOrbit.tv. Stay Tuned!

cheers/ Shankar AVSB for MyOrbit

MyOrbit.tv is live again!

Hello Everyone, MyOrbit.tv is live again after a critical maintenance. And we have used the last 3 weeks to plan a new and improved site design, which we will implement over the next 6 weeks. The site will remain live, while we do it at the backend.

The new MyOrbit.tv will have separate sections for blogs and videos on professional and business topics. We are also going to invite many industry experts to share their experience with us here on this channel.

And if you are a professional or a business that wants to benefit from Internet New Media, start here: http://myorbit.tv/about/

Thanks to all who wrote with suggestions for improvement. We really appreciate it.
– Shankar on behalf of MyOrbit Team

SunRocket crashes

SunRocket’s suddent demise has left it’s 200,000 customers with many questions and few answers. Most are trying to get money back for the annual fee they paid, and in parallel, calling Vonage for a new account. Recent layoffs had indicated that SunRocket was not doing well, but on Monday morning, when subscribers couldn’t make calls, it was clear that SunRocket went down from it’s position as the #2 Internet VOIP provider in the US. Lets will see what SunRocket’s sudden demise means for VoIP market and customers. One thing is for sure, Vonage will gain from this, and will further consolidate it’s top spot.