American patients rapidly adopting Medical Tourism to India

American patients rapidly adoption Medical/Health Tourism to India. Wockhardt Hospital in Bangalore is among the leading institutes. Its a state of the art facility at which is rapidly getting popular with American and European patients looking for advanced Cardiac, Orthopedic and Spinal Surgeries. You are talking about the best quality surgeons here.

For example, Wockhardt Hospital is an associate hospital of Harvard Medical International (HMI), Boston, USA, and is equipped with latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, world class infrastructure.

In fact, MyOrbit has been involved in a couple of patient cases of Medical/Health Tourism to India, and we can vouch for the overall quality of healthcare and that is being described by these patients. New Delhi and Mumbai also has several top medical hospitals – specially built for international patients.

For someone who has experienced high cost healthcare or long waiting lines, this is a great option.

Nandan Nilekani at India@60 event in NYC

Nandan Nilekani, Co-Chairman of Infosys Technologies has been a core member for the India@60 event in NYC, along with Sunil Mittal of Bharti Enterprises (also the President of CII). Those who know them will see clear marks of their planning and big-thinking behind this $10 million event.

Nandan’s point in the following video – about Human Capital Development- is bang on. While, its true that India has huge numbers of English speaking graduates in various disciplines from Engineering to Medicine, the fact remains that as of today, only 30% of India’s population is engaged in the current growth engine. The remaining 70% population of about 750 million is still not engaged. And majority of them are youth and children. So India is sitting on a treasure mine of human capital, and strong government initiatives can make big differences.

India@60 shines at New York City

If you are in New York city, you would have surely noticed one of the brightest campaigns by India Inc.

The Incredible India@60 event is currently running in New York City (Sep 23-26). It was inaugurated at the Lincoln Center, New York City amidst a large of the Indian Americans and American businessmen and diplomats. Incredible India@60 is organized by Confederation of India Industry (CII) and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India showcases the vibrant, participative democracy that is India; presenting the face of a changing nation to an international galaxy of top political, business and media leaders who have congregated in New York for the UN General Assembly.

The CII and its business leaders, including Nandan Nilekani and Sunil Mittal, have done a great job of using their collective business experience and applying that to create a super-professional India package.

Incredible India at 60

Incredible India@60 on Every Street

Getting Started With Google Docs

Collaborative team effort – is a must to achieve something big — but as anyone who has worked in a team to prepare a proposal or a business plan or any document will know — it’s a big challenge to ensure that people are working on the right versions and tracking who’s changing what. So often, one person in a team is made responsible just for this work – the anchor! But if you want to do it better — Google Docs offers a good system.

The adoption is still very small because most of us in business feel uneasy about putting our “next quarter projections on the Internet”. But if you asked the opinion of a neutral 3rd party software specialist, you will realize Google has built a fair amount of security around the docs. And like is most cases, those of us with the biggest need and smallest budget will get onto this before others who have more disposable capital and effort. But give it a try- we found it good!