Morgan Price Health Insurance


1. About Us:
Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd (Morgan Price) was set up to provide top quality international health insurance to expatriates all over the world. As specialists in international health insurance we are totally committed to and focused on the needs our customers.

Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) under license number 313738.

2. Health Insurance Products Offered:
Whether it be medical, travel, accident or any other type of international healthcare related insurance, Morgan Price can provide a solution to your requirements. Not all products suit every need, and with many years experience in international health insurance, the team at Morgan Price take great care in selecting the right policy for our clients.

Different conditions in different countries or regions of the world also make choosing the right level of cover difficult. With customer advisors who have actually lived and worked as expatriates, and with access to a growing network of expert local agents in the major expatriate destinations around the world, Morgan Price International Healthcare offers a truly global perspective on the provision of expatriate health insurance.

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7iDigital – Low Cost Computing

7iDigital is a new venture in this direction by 7Avenues Private Equity. 7iDigital aims to offer affordable low cost consumer electronics. We have been working on this and will launch the following products at the most affordable prices: Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Digital Cameras.

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Big India Farms



Big India Farms (BIF) is a food supply chain company based in North and Central India — which aims to strengthen the supply chain and food procurement logistics — by integrating right till the food producers at the Farm level.


Big India Farms is a strategic supplier of agri food products to 7to9 Retail and others retail stores. The company has captive land block on which cultivation of crops is being done, and the scope of crop production is planned to increase 10x in the next 5 years. In addition, the company is building export capabilities to Europe and North America.


CEO: Sandeep Saxena


Battle Update: Google Youtube vs Viacom

Fresh updates have come from the courtroom on the Legal Battle between Google Youtube vs Viacom.

You will like how Viacom asked for the house-keys of Google Youtube with it’s list of demands, which includes:

  • Youtube User Data and Logging Histories
  • Copies of all current and deleted videos (including private videos!)
  • Source Code of Google Advertising Schema
  • Source Code for Google Search Engine (and Viacom will do what with that :-)

If you keep Internet economy and content privacy aside for a minute, Viacom sure is showing Goolge how to make a living with just a legal team.

So there’s a method to it, perfected over decades: Invest one-time in producing some decent content, and then make a living with lawsuits.

Now the judge has agreed to some demands, and said no to others.

To learn more, here’s a detailed blog post by Larry Dignan of Zdnet.