Swine Flu vaccine update: WHO raises alert level to 5

New swine flu cases continue to emerge, and its not clear who exactly is the patient zero in this case, and when it really started. For now, we will continue to go with the proposed name of a Mexican boy.

This is a new strain of the flu virus and currently there is no tested/proven Swine Flu vaccine, though Tamiflu, which was tested for Bird Flu, could be used to strengthen the immunity. Learn more here: Swine Flu Vaccine- Tamiflu

U.S. scientists hope to have a key ingredient for a swine flu vaccine ready in early May, though commercial production can only happen by September.

Tech Mahindra Acquisition of Satyam and Next Steps

Here’s an update on the Satyam corporate incident from Dec-Jan, on which we had shared our thoughts. Tech Mahindra has emerged as the winning bidder for the 51% equity stake sale in Satyam. Tech Mahindra is also an IT outsourcing services company, and this development is a relief for Satyam’s employees and customers worldwide.

Kiran Karnik, the interim chairman of the Indian government appointed board of Satyam, said that it is up to Tech Mahindra to decide the way forward for Satyam. And of course, it shouldn’t be any other way. Tech Mahindra now has a wide array of restructuring projects as it tries to merge/rationalize Satyam’s services into its overall IT services portfolio.

EBay Plans IPO for Skype in 2010

Great News. Okay, so how much for 400+ million loyal Skype users worldwide? And for the the market leadership position in VOIP? Lots of value for sure. Will it be more than the $2bn they paid for Skype? That’s we can’t say yet. But we can say this: its probably a good time to buy EBay stock, because they will surely earn back a good amount on Skype.

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Anchor Tools

1. Account Info:
First Name: Sujad
Last Name: Rashid
2. Business Info
Business name : Anchor Drills & Tools Ltd
Preferred Category : Industrial, Metal Working, Tools
Description : Suppliers of diamond core drills,TCT core drills,diamond glass drills,plumbing tools,welding magnets,Lathe tools,knurling tools,tool holders,carbide cutters,rotabroach cutters,magnetic drill bits
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