Phillip Kotler shares the Mantra of Marketing

According to marketing guru, Phillip Kotler, the mantra of marketing is creating, communicating and delivering Value to the Target market at a Profit.

Creating value for the product or service is called product management. Product management is creating or innovating products or services. For example P&G decided to make some funny thing on each Pringle (a potato chip), the scientist could not find a solution internally until they discovered cookie maker in Italy who printed funny things at his cookies. This is called open innovation or open technology used for product management which means ideas are taken from where ever the companies can. Continue reading

ACPhoenix Offers Heat Pump Installation To Benefit Consumers With Efficient Energy Grants

AC Phoenix – the Phoenix based air conditioning, heating, and electrical contractor- is now offering a sale on Heat Pump Installations, using which consumers can benefit from the Efficient Energy Grants available currently. These grants are in the form of attractive Federal Tax Credits to promote Energy Efficiency in America.

As per the new federal bill passed, you can avail tax credit on all purchases, installations and improvements of energy efficient systems between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010. You can spend up to $5000 during this two year period on single or multiple energy efficiency projects and get 30% or up to $1500 back as the tax credit. Continue reading