Crude Oil Price Target Service

Attention: Crude Oil Traders

Profit from our crude oil trading expertise!

Our Crude Oil Futures Trading – Price Target Service — is operated by professional commodity and crude traders, and aims to share price targets with other crude oil traders for a small fee, backed with 100% money back guarantee.

You maybe sitting in Thailand, Russia or Venezuela, and still make millions trading crude oil on Nymex, using the vast array of online charts and demand-supply reports about crude oil production and oil tanker loading/docking schedules. The Internet is making such things it possible for oil traders worldwide to share their insights.

Today, there are no limits to what you can achieve with crude oil futures trading, and we can help you profit more with our inputs. Continue reading

Business Leads Generation Service

Using our large website network of 50+ websites in different industries, we can generate high quality business leads for any marketing campaign in almost any industry. These business leads are high quality because they are searching the web for solutions to their problems/requirements are are ready buyers.

We generate business leads by placing ads (text and/or image) on our website network, and by having a custom page for each campaign, which is used to share initial information and collect the contact info/inquiry from the interest person/lead. Continue reading

Helping Poor/Orphan/Blind/Disabled Girls in India – Prerana Resource Centre

While we may not speak about it, but a poor girl child in India has a tough life. And if such a girl child is abandoned/orphaned, plus blind/disabled, that’s like worst case scenario with abuse waiting to happen amidst a difficult life. However, one person I know is helping such girls. She is Prashantha, the founder of Prerana Resource Centre at Bangalore. Continue reading

Website Questionnaire

Here’s our Website Questionnaire for creating a new website.

1. What are the main objectives of your business/company?
2. When and where was your business started?
3. Who are the people running/managing/leading the business? Please describe their profile in brief.
4. What are the different products/services offered? Please list them along with brief description. Include standard prices if available.
5. What are the biggest benefits of your products/services?
6. Who are your major competitors? Please name them and share their websites.
7. How are your products/services better than competition?
8. How many customers do you have and where all are they located?
9. What are some of the most commonly asked questions by your customers? Please also share your answers to those questions.
10. Please share any positive feedback/testimonials received from your customers and business partners.
11. Do your customers have a typical profile with respect to their industry, background, income, etc? If yes, please clarify.
12. Is there is any latest news related to your company that we can share on the website?
13. Please share your contact information: Phone, Email, Address
14. Do you have any certifications or memberships of industry associations? Please list them.

2011 New Year Wishes for You

Dear Friends,

2011 is here and we have a whole new year to spend! A year is a lot of time and a lot can be achieved if you have a plan. There’s a saying: Failing to plan is like planning to fail. I wish you have a great plan for 2011, if not, now is a great time to do it.

One thing I have learned over time, and it gets reinforced every new year, is that action is more important than plan. I know this because I myself have not executed some of my plans, and the lack of full-throttle action on some plans is my own shortcoming that I want to overcome this year. Action is really important because every plan that goes into action brings back results or learning for future. For example, I advised 3 companies in 2010 on how to increase their sales, but only one company actually executed the plan and that company saw 50% increase in sales. My advise for their plan was less important than their action to execute the plan.

Another example, over the last couple of years, many investors took my inputs on what to invest, what price to buy etc, but very few actually took the action for whatever reasons. And we all know the global stock markets have recovered very well in the last two years. Those who took action have profited, and I know many investors who took the inputs but are still waiting; when stock prices fall 20%, they want to wait for 30-40% fall, and if that also happened, they want to wait a bit more to see, and if stock prices start rising after a fall, they don’t want to buy at higher prices than the recent low prices. This may sound extreme but its very common. Courage is the most scarce commodity among us humans. When we have more of this one attribute, it can put a lot of things in place.

I wish you a happy new year. May you achieve great success in your plans.