Text Message Volume Increasing Among Brokers

The volume of text messaging is set to increase significantly among the financial securities brokers, going by the general trends in text messaging usage. Many brokers today carry two mobile phones because their company-provided devices don’t allow texting. But things can change in future as new technology is helping texting restrictions evolve with adoption of enterprise grade text message archiving systems from companies like TextGuard. In this video, TextGuard founder Todd Cohan talk with Dow Jones Newswires’ Jennifer Hoyt Cummings.

Northwest African (NWA) Meteorites

NWA meteorites are found in Northwest Africa by “nomads” who hunt the deserts for them. These meteorites are often unclassified and can be purchased at very reasonable prices. They are great to start a collection or to offer as a gift. Many Lunar and Martian samples have come from the area as well as other rare types.

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Sikhote Alin Meteorite

The Sikhote-Alin meteorite fell during daylight at 10:38 a.m. local time on February 12th, 1947 in the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in Russia, about 440 km northeast of Vladivostok. Sikhote-Alin is a massive fall. The overall size has been estimated to be just below 900,000 kg. A large specimen is on display in Moscow, and a great number of smaller specimens have made their way into the collector’s market. Krinov had estimated the post atmospheric mass of the meteoroid at some 70,000 kg. A more recent estimate by Tsvetkov (and others) put the mass at around 100,000 kg, or 100 tons. Continue reading

UN Coalition launches attacks on Gaddafi’s military in Libya

UN operations in Libya began on night of 19 March 2011, and they are likely to end within a few days. France and UK Air Forces are leading the UN Coalition attack on Col Gaddafi’s military in Libya. US Naval forces have fired 100+ tomahawk missiles to support the Operation Odyssey’s goals. Residents of Tripoli heard explosions on the eastern side of the capital. They all say they had enough of Col Gaddafi and wants him to step down and that people of Libya will be happy to see Col Gaddafi go away as soon as possible. Col Gaddafi showed his colors when he declared ceasefire on Friday night and initiated his military attack on Benghazi’s 670,000 people shows that he is ready to kill his own people to retain power. Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera has said that Libyan authorities have detained a team of its journalists in western Libya, the AP news agency reports. The four correspondents are said to be British, Tunisian, Mauritanian and Norwegian.

We support the UN Coalition’s action in this case. Similar ops should have happened in Rwanda & Burundi, and Bosnia many years back to prevent genocides, but that’s the lesson here, not to let punk dictators kill do genocide within their country. We want to see immediate stop to all killing of civilians in Libya. We want to see democracy in Libya.

Nuclear power plant explosion following earthquake tsunami in Japan

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had an explosion today after the nuclear core could not cool down due to lack of cooling system, which went down due to the earthquake damage. Though the plant crew tried to bring the reactor’s temperature down during the last 24 hours, the manual effort was not enough compared to the coolant requirements for the nuclear reactor. And the explosion of the reactor building is an indication that manual cooling was not successful, and now radiation leakage is on. Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi plant plan to flood the reactor containment structure with sea water to bring the reactor’s temperature down to safe levels, which may take two days. Radiation levels are said to have fallen since the explosion but authorities have expanded the evacuation to include a radius of 20 km. Continue reading