Air France Plane From Rio to Paris Disappers over Atlantic Ocean

The display at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris shows the plane status as: Delayed

Wish it were just delayed, but it has been out of communication for over 14 hours now. There were 228 people on board, including 12 crew members. The latest from BBC news

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One thought on “Air France Plane From Rio to Paris Disappers over Atlantic Ocean”

  1. This has been a bizarre accident with hardly any clues and remains found till now. Search teams on Sunday (June 7) recovered the bodies of 17 people from the Air France plane that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean with 228 people on June 1, a Brazilian Air Force spokesman said.

    The depth of the Atlantic Ocean in that area and significant distance of 1300 km from Brazil coast have made search difficult. However some instruments which are supposed to transmit signals from wherever they are, have not been doing that. So lots of unanswered questions.

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