Basic Financial Management-What is a Balance Sheet?

The Balance Sheet is one of the 3 main financial statements of a company — it captures the Assets, and the Liabilities (equity+debt) at a “certain point in time” – like the end of the year. And it balances.

About the presenter: Michael Fischer spent nine years at Goldman Sachs, advising some of the largest private banks, mutual fund companies and hedge funds in the world on investment choices. He started his finance career at Credit Suisse First Boston in early 1995. During these ten years, he was frequently ranked as the top advisor by many of his clients and peers. He gave his opinion to managers of trillions of dollars of assets and came across hundreds of different investment styles and approaches; he also bought and sold billions of dollar of investments on behalf of his clients and himself. Michael holds an MBA from INSEAD (Dec 1994) and an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto (1989). He has also written a book on Saving and Investing because he feels strongly this material is too important in our world today to ignore. You can learn more about his book at the following website:

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