Be Careful with “Double Your Sales” Guarantees

We came across a “double your sales, guarantee” today through an email newsletter and the presentation vs details of their offer demanded this quick post to show you why its really necessary to read the terms for any offer, especially when the offer comes with an attractive wording of guarantee.

Here’s the offer page  and here are the Terms and Conditions for their Money Back Guarantee.

We feel the offer page should have mentioned/clarified a couple of essential terms before asking a prospect to spend time in filling the form.  For example:

#4 of Terms: …Your refund request must be accompanied by a CPA-approved record of revenue for the prior 18 months, showing that you have not doubled your gross sales revenue for any comparable month from the prior year.

[Which means, the doubling of sales will not be assessed over the year or quarter (which is the accepted business growth comparison timeframe),  but any month of the year. This is not evident at all from the way the advertising is presented, and could face difficulty

#6 of Terms:  Only the set up and consulting fees previously paid by you to Infusionsoft are eligible for refund under this program. Your monthly subscription charges to the Infusionsoft service are not refundable.

[What the above term says is that that the various services you need to buy to qualify for money back guarantee are not part of the money back the guarantee! Not sure if this clause has been reviewed by their lawyers because it can’t stand in a court of law]

Therefore, always read the terms of a money back guarantee because its very rare in any services business, irrespective of how the offer is being shown. But if you do find a business partner who is willing to give a written money back guarantee on services, then that’s a thing, and worth going for. Hope you found this useful.

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One thought on “Be Careful with “Double Your Sales” Guarantees”

  1. Thanks for keeping an eye out for small business owners. At Infusionsoft, that’s our first desire — to liberate and empower entrepreneurs. It’s definitely important to read the fine print before agreeing to anything, and our “Double Your Sales Guarantee” is no different. That’s why we made the details of the guarantee easily accessible on the website and especially any offer pages. You’re right that the guarantee covers only the setup and consulting fee, but when you consider that the initial investment is $4,000 or more for setup & consulting, and $299 for the first month’s service, the setup and consulting fee is definitely the bulk of the investment.

    We started offering this guarantee late last year because we’ve seen how powerful our software has been for many entrepreneurs. In fact, over 400 of our customers have already doubled their sales using Infusionsoft. Since our passion is to empower small business owners, we want as may to participate as possible. That’s why we’ve come up with this way of lowering the risk for new customers.

    Thanks again for looking out for small business consumers. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of our “Double Your Sales Guarantee” and our “Double Your Sales Club”, a club with perks and benefits for all of our customers that double their sales using Infusionsoft.

    –Tyler Garns
    Director of Marketing, Infusionsoft

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