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Employee and Team Motivation video

Most business and professional leaders rank team and staff motivation as one of the top business success factors. And rightly so, because without the support of our teams, we can do nothing big. What makes people great? Here’s a nice video developed by Profiles International Inc. on the elements that define greatness and to inspire your team to go beyond best, to Greatness.

Career Planning Workshop Feb 2007

Last week presented an opportunity to conduct an career workshop for young professionals just out of university and working for less then 3 years. It has been an interest for me and it feels good to help out some people whenever time permits.

Some of them were not satisfied with their job but could not see any alternatives. And some wanted to know how to discuss with prospective employers. One thing came out clearly again, for the Nth time… those who were enjoying their job were producing the best results, and also winning recognition/awards alongside….and equally capable guys but who were not really motivated by that particular work (and they expressed this clearly)….were ranked average and received. Continue reading

Insider view of the Hedge Funds Industry

TJC: Thanks for joining in. How do you define a Hedge Fund? And how do you see the current state of the Hedge Fund Industry?

Industry Exec: Hedge funds are pooled investment funds with relatively less SEC regulation (in the US), and are therefore different mutual funds. Certain hedge funds are required to register with SEC as investment advisers under the Investment Advisers Act.  The Act does not require an adviser to follow or avoid any particular investment strategies, nor does it require or prohibit specific investments. Hedge funds typically charge a fee greater than 1%, plus a “performance fee” of 20% of a hedge fund’s profits. There may be a “lock-up” period, during which an investor cannot cash in shares. Continue reading