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India@60 shines at New York City

If you are in New York city, you would have surely noticed one of the brightest campaigns by India Inc.

The Incredible India@60 event is currently running in New York City (Sep 23-26). It was inaugurated at the Lincoln Center, New York City amidst a large of the Indian Americans and American businessmen and diplomats. Incredible India@60 is organized by Confederation of India Industry (CII) and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India showcases the vibrant, participative democracy that is India; presenting the face of a changing nation to an international galaxy of top political, business and media leaders who have congregated in New York for the UN General Assembly.

The CII and its business leaders, including Nandan Nilekani and Sunil Mittal, have done a great job of using their collective business experience and applying that to create a super-professional India package.

Incredible India at 60

Incredible India@60 on Every Street

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