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Harvard Newsletter: Tools of Persuasion: Pitch Your Offer and Close the Deal

If you are in any form of business or profession, then this podcast from Harvard Law School is a must-listen item because its packed with valuable insights on how to share good and bad news, how to sell your ideas to a reluctant or untrusting client or business partners using powerful tools of persuasion. This podcast is based on an article by Deepak Malhotra and Max H. Bazerman of Harvard Business School – from August 2007 issue of PON newsletter.
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The original post and podcast are available here.

Sales Proposal Template and Checklist

If you are involved in any form of sales, client engagement, pre-sales, or business management, this is a must watch video. It’s one of the best videos on the Internet on how to prepare a good sales proposal. Thanks very much to Bill Dotson for sharing his experience along with numerous real-life examples. This is a very practical video that you can use right after watching it.

Often, there is so much rework at the last stages of proposal development just because some team members involved in the proposal were not aware of the full picture and customer business needs. If you are the manager, you have probably been giving your tips to the team every time you have a proposal.

In fact most companies, and that includes some very large companies, don’t have a clear business proposal checklist. It’s very much left for the sales manager to train his team — again and again. If you have been there, you will know exactly how it is like.

So make a note of this page and use it the next time you are submitting any business proposal. And more importantly — share it with all your team members who are involved in making your business proposal.

Getting Started With Google Docs

Collaborative team effort – is a must to achieve something big — but as anyone who has worked in a team to prepare a proposal or a business plan or any document will know — it’s a big challenge to ensure that people are working on the right versions and tracking who’s changing what. So often, one person in a team is made responsible just for this work – the anchor! But if you want to do it better — Google Docs offers a good system.

The adoption is still very small because most of us in business feel uneasy about putting our “next quarter projections on the Internet”. But if you asked the opinion of a neutral 3rd party software specialist, you will realize Google has built a fair amount of security around the docs. And like is most cases, those of us with the biggest need and smallest budget will get onto this before others who have more disposable capital and effort. But give it a try- we found it good!

Google YouTube roadmap converging with MyOrbit

Thanks for visiting – we are in the last leg of our security enhancements and plan to be live again soon. Last week, we got one of the best testaments so far of the path we are taking for


Here’s a brief from the editor of DailyTech Rag newsletter (it’s got about 50k subscribers worldwide)

When you think of YouTube in the enterprise, you probably think of that common quandary many IT departments face: to block or not to block? However, if Google has its way, the decision organizations may soon have to weigh is whether or not to deploy YouTube. BusinessWeek reports Google “is preparing a corporate version of YouTube to create videos for training and employee communications.” Say what? Strange as that might sound, an internal enterprise version of YouTube makes a lot of sense. YouTube makes uploading videos to a web server so simple just about anyone can do it and the playback interface is something practically all Internet users are familiar with. Sure, your organization may not use online video at the moment, but the potential for internally distributing training videos, corporate communications and PR is too great to ignore. While there is currently no timeline for the delivery of the enterprise version of YouTube, it is expected to arrive bundled-in with the next revision of Google Apps.

For more on enterprise YouTube: see this BusinessWeek article


This is my analysis of the planned Google offering. It is a software tool, whereas we offer a business service. My simple analogy is this: Google offering is like a projector with which you can make presentations, and ours is like a projector plus different presenters plus diverse professional audience, so it’s an online business conference. No doubt, Google Youtube Enterprise version will compete on a small front, for some cases of intra-company knowledge sharing, ie., where they only need the projector!

What does it mean for MyOrbit? It means our roadmap for applying new media to business is the way to go. And it also means that we need to increase our efforts to build the community of professionals and businesses using Stay Tuned!

cheers/ Shankar AVSB for MyOrbit

Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) -part2

This is part 2 of the presentation series on M&A.

Link for part 1: Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) -part1

In this multi-part video presentation, Nishant Saxena describes the complete M&A process, with learnings from various transactions. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive M&A presentations available on the Internet for free viewing and download: Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Process

About the Presenter: Nishant Saxena is the CEO of Elements Akademia. He has seven years experience in Corporate Finance with Procter & Gamble – including Strategic/ Financial Planning, M&A, Value creation, White-space expansion, GAAP Accounting, and Internal Controls/Audit etc. Worked across various geographies in Asia (Japan, Philippines, India and Singapore) and across various business units. BE, MBA from one of India’s top schools. He founded Elements Akademia in 2007 along with 10 other IIM alumni. The company focusses on the high growth education sector in India and other developing countries.