Executive Leadership Strategies For The Imagination Age

Executive leadership strategies must adapt to Imagination Age challenges, complexities and conceptions.

Years ago, when famed scientist, Albert Einstein, said, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science”, he was teaching today’s executive leadership teams how they should behave, believe and become Imagination Age strategists.

How will executives, managers and entrepreneurs use their Imagination Age leadership skills to achieve significant, sustainable, strategic advantages through intelligent, instructive and innovative applications of their leadership power, practices and policies?

The Imagination Age demands greater and deeper levels of our cognitive, creative and collaborative competencies – therefore, we need different executive leadership strategies.

Executive leadership policies, plans and philosophies will revolve around the missions, mandates and meanings being employed, embraced or embarked upon by the fertile imaginations of their stakeholders and paid personnel.

While every group, leader and follower is an unique, self-determining entity, I can propose an executive leadership mission, mandate and meaning which has served our company and some of our clients faithfully well:

MISSION = “Enrich the productivity, profitability and prosperity of our strategic imaginations and our leadership power!”

MESSAGE = “Opportunity demands that we imaginatively, innovatively and intuitively use our discipline, direction and diagnostics to fully realize its possibilities!”

MEANING = “We are endowed with a God-given potential to contribute value through the artistic, scientific, vocational and competent exercise of our leadership power!”

4 Ranges of Executive Leadership Activities and Practice Throughout history, leaders have been influenced and guided by the discipline, direction and diagnostics of 4 distinctive domains of executive leadership practices – these domains, or field of actions or range of knowledges or responsibilities are simply known as the art, science, vocation and competency of leadership practices.

Here are a partial list of the actions involved – to be brief, I have not included the catalog of knowledges or organizational responsibilities for leaders:


“1) Art – performs, philosophies, paints and perfects 2) Science – uses methods, technologies, techniques, tools and processes 3) Vocation – embraces, espouses, engenders, evangelizes and encourages 4) Core Competence – demonstrates an expertise, experience, extension, evolution or expansion in effective leadership practice”


3 Executive Leadership Strategies For The Imagination Age As you consider the concepts being explored here, I remind you that we are discussing executive leadership strategies for practicing the art, science, vocation and competency of leading.

And these strategies represent the various approaches, directions, imperatives, indicators, intentions and responses leaders can adopt to effectively handle the environmental stimuli, conditions, forces or factors affecting, impeding and surrounding their organizational ecosystem.

The following 3 suggestions for executive leadership strategies being revealed in this article might help influence, impact and inspire you to lead more intelligently, instructively and imaginatively.

Imaginative and Creative Leadership And in this emerging Imagination Age, the world is looking for leaders who can help others quickly, reliably, wisely and elegantly organize information into practical, useful, relevant chunks of knowledge or collective inputs of wisdom.

We need those leaders to apply their own unique innovative, imaginative, insightful processes to create new advantages, value-added assets and awesome advancements.

Finally, executive leadership strategies which empower, engage, encourage or energize the development, dedication and deployment of other creative leaders throughout the organizational ecosystem and its environs will payoff handsomely in the Imagination Age.

Intelligent and Cognitive Leadership Our Imaginations are that functionality which drives those actions which we call imagining, thinking, conceiving, believing, reasoning or realizing, assuming, supposing or conjecturing.

Our imaginations give us the power and ability to form or shape images, sensations and concepts inside our minds.

It’s very important to note that our imaginations are the factory within which those pictures, perspectives, emotional impulses and ideas are formed, shaped and conceived in those moments when those items are not and can not yet be perceived by our sight, hearing or our other senses.

Can you see how cognitive leadership strategies help you deal with and unravel the complexities of our global economy?

Instructive and Collaborative or Coaching Leadership Strengthening your executive leadership skills means learning how to effectively coach, collaborate and train your people to prepare, guide and optimize their ability to handle the many challenges of constantly changing world.

Imagination is that work of our minds which we call resourcefulness, innovation and creativity.

Imagination provides meaning to our experiences and this mental faculty supplies a relevance or a context for understanding knowledge.

Our imagination is the fundamental and essential means through which we make sense of our reality and assign meaning or significance to our world, and as such, our imaginations play key roles in the processes of learning, teaching, collaborating and communicating with other people.

One Final Point If your executive leadership strategies, practices and knowledge domains need to evolve, then it’s obvious that you’ll need to discover how the philosophies, physics, processes, technologies, tools and techniques being used in today’s leadership skills training programs need to change too!

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