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Extended TV Warranty

Extended TV Warranty coverage is for failures due to defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. As a general rule, all system components are covered under the extended warranty, except consumable items. Coverage that helps takes the worry out of your vehicle ownership experience.

Coverage will usually last for a handful of years above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and is often more lenient in terms of limited terms and conditions.

Price on extended warranties can be about 10-30% of the purchase price of the TV or the electronic product. Therefore, its important to read the details of what accidents or defects are covered, and what is not covered, to help you choose the right Extended TV Warranty coverage for your case. Continue reading

Plasma TV Warranties

The Plasma TV technology has improved a lot in the recent past and the defect rates on plasma displays and LCDs have come down a lot.

  • the first generation of plasma displays had 7% defect rate within first 3 years of operation.
  • the second generation had 4% defect rate
  • the 3rd generation had only 2% defect rate within first 3 years of operation.

Unlike industry leaders like Sony, Samsung and LG, newer manufacturers of plasma and LCD fabrication will have higher defect rates that can be as high as 5% defect rate within first 3 years of operation. This higher defect rate offsets some of the savings from the lower prices on their Plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Continue reading