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The Basics of Online Marketing

Want to grow your offline business, start a business, or market your services? Online marketing is the way to go. It helps you reach a broader audience, sell, connect, and much more. While internet marketing may seem complicated, once you understand the fundamentals you can build on that knowledge as your needs grow and change. Let’s take a look at the basics of online marketing.

Your Website
The foundation for your business online is a website. You must have an online presence to succeed on the internet. It only makes sense. Now your “website” can take several different forms. It can be a blog, a brochure site, or even a storefront. The type of website you build depends largely on your business model. Continue reading

Innovation Trends Analysis for 2012

An interesting software to check out innovation/technology trends worldwide, for example, by scanning through global patents database. Geo location is being shown as an example that seems to be having many new patents. For example, Google itself has 109 patents for geo location. Topics that are uptrending and downtrending. It seems to be a useful software for people doing innovation research and market trends analysis.