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Pioneer Investcorp – Financial Services Company in India

http://www.pincmoney.com/images/PincMoneyLogo.gifPioneer Investcorp is a public listed company traded on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) in India, with stock code: PIOINV. The company has a small but highly experienced and professional team led by Gaurang Gandhi, Founder and Managing Director. The company has built strong client relationhips in all service areas. The company is poised to benefit strongly from the strong economic growth in India in the coming years. Its base in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, further helps in participating activley in capital markets advisory services. Continue reading

Project Finance for Infrastructure Projects in India

As India metropolis gets cramped for room, need for infrastructure development – road, bridges, industry parks, railroad is paramount. It will only grow as the GDP growth puts additional pressure on feeble Indian Infrastructure. Limited budgetary support is possible – the rest needs to come through an effective “recourse financing” more commonly – project finance. Lenders (banks/financial institutions) finance project based on credit profile of project and not that of the borrowing party and as the name recourse would suggest, borrower too has limited liability as security is confined to project assets only and not borrower’s balance sheet. Continue reading