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Jobs: Digital Marketing Manager, Southampton UK

Job Description: The Client company is currently seeking a Digital Acquisition Marketing Manager who will be responsible for managing all digital customer lead generation and acquisition activity, ensuring that it is fullyintegrated and optimised across the entire customer journey. You will be responsible for planning and managing media and affiliated activity, at both strategic campaign and tactical commercial levels.
Start date: ASAP Continue reading

UK Study: Graduates Boost Economic Growth

New NIESR research published today by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills highlights the importance of graduate skills to the UK economy.  Looking across developed economies, we found that – as both economic theory and common sense would predict – countries which increased their share of graduates in the workforce saw labour productivity grow faster.  For the UK, we estimate that roughly one-third of the increase in labour productivity between 1994 and 2005 can be attributed to the accumulation of graduate skills in the labour force.   In other words, a substantial share of the UK’s economic growth over this period was driven by the expansion of higher education and the resulting increase in the proportion of workers who have a graduate-level qualification.  Read full post by David Wilkinson here:

Youth Unemployment in London, UK

Youth unemployment in London, UK is at a very high level, not seen in last 25 years. Here are some stats: 1 in 4 youth (25 percent) aged between 16 to 24 is unemployed (total 120,000 people), nearly triple the average London unemployment rate of 8.9 per cent. Together with Yorkshire, London at 25 per cent, has the worst youth unemployment rate in the UK, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. There is no doubt that these youth are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis unleashed by massive de-leveraging in the financial world since year 2008. It has been 5 years of reducing economic activity, and the signs of economic growth are not yet visible. The unemployment in London is highest among London’s black and Asian youth, and problem is worst in the Olympic boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham, which have among the highest number of young people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in London. Continue reading

BP to raise $1.1bn from North Sea field sale

London, Dec 6, 2012: BP sells its stakes in its North Sea oil and gas fields for $1.06bn (£663m) to an Abu Dhabi’s energy group. Prime Minister David Cameron said agreement positioned the North Sea as a global energy hub and the takings from the deal will help cover huge amounts from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Abu Dhabi National Energy (Taqa) will get hold of stakes in the BP-operated Harding, Maclure and Devenick fields. He said that the deal would show that changes to the North Sea tax regime are will help to generate jobs in Scotland and UK, making sure we do well in the global race. Chief executive of Taqa, Carl Sheldon, said the deal would add 21,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day to its output. Peter Hutton, energy analyst at RBC Capital Markets says the disposed assets produce 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day. Continue reading

UN Coalition launches attacks on Gaddafi’s military in Libya

UN operations in Libya began on night of 19 March 2011, and they are likely to end within a few days. France and UK Air Forces are leading the UN Coalition attack on Col Gaddafi’s military in Libya. US Naval forces have fired 100+ tomahawk missiles to support the Operation Odyssey’s goals. Residents of Tripoli heard explosions on the eastern side of the capital. They all say they had enough of Col Gaddafi and wants him to step down and that people of Libya will be happy to see Col Gaddafi go away as soon as possible. Col Gaddafi showed his colors when he declared ceasefire on Friday night and initiated his military attack on Benghazi’s 670,000 people shows that he is ready to kill his own people to retain power. Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera has said that Libyan authorities have detained a team of its journalists in western Libya, the AP news agency reports. The four correspondents are said to be British, Tunisian, Mauritanian and Norwegian.

We support the UN Coalition’s action in this case. Similar ops should have happened in Rwanda & Burundi, and Bosnia many years back to prevent genocides, but that’s the lesson here, not to let punk dictators kill do genocide within their country. We want to see immediate stop to all killing of civilians in Libya. We want to see democracy in Libya.