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US July 2011 Jobs Data Shows Positive Increase

US Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 117,000 in July,
following 2 months of little change. The unemployment rate was
9.1 percent in July and has shown little definitive movement
since April. Private-sector employment increased by 154,000 over
the month.

Health care employment rose by 31,000 in July, as both
hospitals and ambulatory care services added jobs. Retail trade
employment increased by 26,000. In the manufacturing sector,
employment expanded by 24,000, with gains in motor vehicles and
semiconductors. Mining employment grew by 9,000 over the month
and was up by 140,000 since the most recent low in October 2009.
Employment in professional and technical services continued to
trend up in July; this industry has added 246,000 jobs since a
recent low in March 2010. Employment in temporary help services
was flat over the month and on net has changed little in 2011.
Other private-sector industries showed little or no change in July. Continue reading