Understanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) -part1

In this multi-part video presentation, Nishant Saxena describes the complete M&A process, with learnings from various transactions. We believe this is one of the most comprehensive M&A presentations available on the Internet for free viewing and download: Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Process

The M&A process is usually a long process that must go through a range of details, people, and decisions.

  • The larger the deal size, the more complicated the process, with more people getting involved, and more views to accommodate.
  • If you are buying a company strictly as a financial venture, the M&A process is complicated enough. Adding specific personnel, technological or strategic objectives to the transaction goals simply complicates the process even more.
  • Buyers and sellers should understand their specific motivations and goals as they pertain to the purchase under investigation. It is important that buyer and seller understand the perspective and real-needs of the other party.
  • The M&A process may take a weeks, months, or even years, though the usual time frames are about 3-9 months. And during this period, the buyer and seller learn details about each other.
  • Its absolutely essential to ensure trust and integrity in the process – otherwise the deal can often break at the last minute. No issue is a non-issue. Every question needs an answer.
  • Clearly defined goals help greatly in evaluating the impact of subsequently uncovered details. Developing these goals requires advance preparation and evaluation on the part of both buyer and seller and greatly enhances the likelihood of post-acquisition success.

About the Presenter: Nishant Saxena is the CEO of Elements Akademia. He has seven years experience in Corporate Finance with Procter & Gamble – including Strategic/ Financial Planning, M&A, Value creation, White-space expansion, GAAP Accounting, and Internal Controls/Audit etc. Worked across various geographies in Asia (Japan, Philippines, India and Singapore) and across various business units. BE, MBA from one of India’s top schools. He founded Elements Akademia in 2007 along with 10 other IIM alumni. The company focusses on the high growth education sector in India and other developing countries.

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