16 Reasons Why Your Sales Teammates Will Love You

Everybody loves a winner!

Don’t you?

And, you obviously have a number of strong qualities that make you a winner. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have made the career choice you made . . . you wouldn’t be playing the sales game, now would you?

Review the following 16 reasons to see how many of them fit you. If you’re not quite in synch with any reason for whatever reason, work on it . . . and, if you need help becoming the Sales Player you need to be, don’t hesitate to ask for help . . . that’s what Teammates are for!

1. You don’t sit around the office waiting for the phone to ring; You work as hard as any of your teammates; you’re in your territory every day, selling, quoting, taking care of existing customers, and prospecting for new customers

2. You are confident and self-motivated, willing to pitch in and help any teammate, any time, to win any order, every order

3. You work hard to earn and maintain the trust of customers, teammates, and management through honesty and reliability; people see you as a friend, not a foe

4. You work with prospects, customers and teammates because of what you can do for them, not because of what they can do for you

5. You anticipate customer needs and closely coordinate each deal with teammates whenever there might be an overlapping trade or sale

6. You understand and promote the overall sales goals of the team and earn the respect of your teammates and other key people in the company

7. You’re a skilled business person and you apply your experience, training, and talents to each sales presentation; you protect teammates by not competing with them; you consistently protect and promote profitability for the company, not just yourself

8. You consistently pursue new business opportunities and share leads with teammates to increase sales volume, profits, and personal income for all concerned

9. You work to develop and maintain good communication and listening skills and you include teammates in every meaningful conversation about sales opportunities and leads

10. You have a positive attitude about yourself, your territory, your Sales Coach, and your teammates; you refuse to accept no for an answer without exhausting every meaningful approach to close each sale

11. Your customers, Sales Coach, management, and teammates know you to be a tough competitor with the will to be the best and a seasoned desire to win

12. You are committed to your team, to your Sales Coach, to your territory, to your company and you are committed to continual personal and professional development and growth

13. You accept responsibility for your own mistakes; you never blame teammates and you never hold back when it comes to helping solve team problems

14. You are a consultant to your customers, teammates, and your Sales Coach with the goal of helping them become more efficient, effective, and successful

15. You use your time wisely, making room in your schedule for team activities, teammates, your Sales Coach, prospects and customers

16. You never hesitate to negotiate acceptable trade-offs with customers and teammates to sell more, more profitably, more often


Sales professionals can be an odd bunch . . . for one thing, though nothing could be farther from the truth, we tend to play our cards close to the vest for fear of somehow losing something if we open up with colleagues. We also have this nutty tendency to resent the success of others. Neither of these behaviors do anything to help anyone sell more, more profitably, more often.
What is more important than trying to grab all the glory for yourself is to do your part to develop a strong sales team to build a strong business for everyone involved.
Make your best effort for the team and you won’t have to worry about sales . . . they’ll come faster and more profitably than you could ever have imagined.

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