2 months of Go-Live & Next Steps

It has been 2 months since we went live, and most of the time has been well spent, hopefully, in making a large number of professionals and businesses aware of what can be achieved with MyOrbit.tv and how it provides a channel to ‘interact’ with target audience with ‘personalize’ content and discussions.

I think it is really helping that our team comes from a non-media background (like banking, retail, software, pharma, engineering, and consulting) which is helping us to rapidly evaluate what applications will benefit our members in different industries.

We will soon start building on the ‘Groups or Blogs’ concept by having industry professionals own different topic groups, like SOX group, CRM group, Start-Up, etc….basically any topic which the professional follows regularly, and can also benefit the audience of this channel. It will be a win-win with out model. So if you are interested in owning an industry topic group, please let us know at: connect[at]myorbit.tv

More about it in the next post.

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