3 Simple Tips to Develop Sales Coaching

A good sales leader coaches, while a poor sales leader simply directs. Most people who desire success focus almost entirely on themselves, not others. However, this is not the way to be truly successful. As a sales leader, team work is paramount and coaching, becomes a rewarding calling. Certainly, it takes work and may not have immediate returns. Yet in the long run, you get to build up a dream team, exceeding your group target beyond your wildest dreams. How do you develop sales coaching? This article seeks to demystify the area of sales coaching in 3 simple steps.

1. Getting your team members to articulate
A seasoned sales man knows how to ask the right questions to his customers. Similarly, a good sales leader coach must ask his team the right questions and get them to answer. This is truly a powerful tool as the personal articulation creates a self- realization. A good sales coach helps others learn how to analyze their own performance, take responsibility for their own development, find their own answers and gain the team members’ commitment to doing it.

2. Focusing only on one priority at a time
Most of us are highly ambitious and seek to accomplish a lot at a time. Perhaps in a bid for time, we often rush through the motion. However, to engage your team and for them to be able to give issues the focus they require to accelerate change, one should not have too much on the agenda. The team member has to learn the ropes and take time to internalise the good habits. Research has shown that simple repetitive tasks require a timeframe of approximately 21 days to condition!

3. Separating evaluation from development
Your team member may feel threaten if they feel that they are being appraised when you are trying to coach them. There is a time and place for everything, thus try to separate the development and evaluation aspect. In fact, some staffs that correctly identify areas to develop may be evaluated more positively. It is good for you to have a list of your team members, with their names, greatest strength, areas to develop and resources to share clearly tabulated in a list. This will allow you to picture your dream team clearly!

When these things are in place, sales coaching become your most powerful tool in achieving results and will far surpass a directive approach. The foundation is then built on trust and strengthening relationship. When coaching your sales staff, you are better able to gain an understanding of the areas where one is stuck and can broaden their perspectives, based on your experience and help to formulate a solution for their obstacles. Sales coaching require affirmation, time and effort. However, this is resources well-invested, and this will help you, as a person to develop lasting qualities for life.

Perrine Oh is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a young and budding writer. She is launching a book on Turbo Charging your Life in 15 minutes flat. Her principle is founded upon achieving your goals in incremental 15 minutes each day. Do check out her other articles for more insights into self- improvement and sales tips. Check out her personal blog at: http://turbochargingyourlife.blogspot.com.

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