6 Truths You Probably Didn’t Know About Leadership

I’m sure you’ve heard both of these questions at least a 1000 times. Are leaders born? Or are they made? The answer is simple. Both. Leaders are born and they are made. Yes, some people are born with a natural propensity to lead while most people are born with some leadership ability. But both types of people still have to learn how to lead. Being the loudest, most aggressive and domineering person doesn’t necessary mean you’re a leader. I believe many people believe that the traits I just listed are what makes some people leaders and others not leaders. Not true. Leadership has nothing to do with being bossy, pushy or commanding. You can be a leader and have these personality traits but it’s not required.

You can be a quiet but yet be a strong leader like Tom Landry or Tony Dungy. They were not your traditional yell and scream type coaches/leaders but they were effective in motivating and empowering their players. Strong leadership is a process of finding out what you’re gifting and then perfecting your gifting or strengths. Everyone was born with some leadership ability.

The challenge is going through the process to BECOME a leader. Everyone was put on this earth to solve a problem. A problem is basically meeting a need that hasn’t been met. What need you were put on earth to meet? That’s the question you need to through a process to find out.

Although everyone was put on earth to become a leader, becoming a leader is a difficult process. It’s difficult because it takes time, money and energy to find out your leadership gift or talent. And it takes equally as much time, money and energy to improve upon your leadership gift. I will go onto say that finding and improving upon your gift is never-ending process.

To give you a better understanding of leadership, I want to share these six truths with you. Hopefully, it will change your thinking about leadership:

1. Trapped in every follower is a hidden leader. Not everyone has the leadership ability to lead a fortune 500 company but everyone has some leadership ability. And everyone has some influence on someone.

2. Every human was created to lead and designed for dominion. Don’t get this statement confused with dominating and controlling people. What I mean by this statement is that every human was created to use his leadership gift to have power in your area of influence.

3. Leadership potential resides in every individual. However, it’s up to the individual to tap into the hidden leadership potential and develop that potential. Again, everyone has different leadership skills and abilities.

4. You were born to lead but you must become a leader. Everyone is born with some a leader but the process of becoming a leader is difficult. To become a leader, you must read, continually learn and consult people who are leaders.

5. True leadership is self-manifestation. Most people equate leadership to ruling over people. Actually, leadership is about finding what you were put on this earth to do. After you find your gift or leadership talent, people will follow you.

6. True purpose for true leadership is the production of leaders. Your most prolific leaders are those leaders who create leaders not to look for followers. True leaders don’t need followers, they teach other people to become leaders.

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