A Holistic Approach To Executive Leadership Development

Leadership has been a much discussed and debated subject over the last several decades and is under contention even today as to whether it falls under the category of Art or Science. Historically leadership programs tended to focus on creating a standard set of parameters or rules that candidates in training were meant to comply with. In recent years however, declining levels of leadership success has opened the eyes of the industry to what seemed a rather simple yet non-apparent problem – every individual was different and was not setup for success under a rigid system of compliance. Thus was born the paradigm of leadership training modeled around individual leadership styles. Corporate leadership programs today understand this and have taken steps to customize their setup to accommodate these changes.

So exactly how do these companies do this? In this article we will look at the modus operandi of leadership development programs run by companies that are actually structured according to the leadership style of the individual participating in the program, geared toward developing strategic leadership skills. Here are some leadership styles that such programs cater to:

Autocratic Leadership

These candidates generally tend to have intense or abrasive personalities and tend to make decisions on their own without feeling the need to consult with their team members. While they absolutely get things done, they tend to think that their judgment is in everyone’s best interest and it would be in everyone’s best interest to follow suit. For such a leader, training programs work to build their trust and relationship with fellow peers. Learning to delegate and share responsibilities in the crux of the training.

Democratic Leadership

This type of leader gives his team plenty of say and encourages everyone to share their opinion and judgment, but tends to make the final decisive judgment himself. While this does produce a good degree of satisfaction and camaraderie, it does not serve as a good model for when urgent and quick decisions need to be made. For this type of leader, programs are designed to take the weight of decision making so that the leader is equipped to handle difficult cases.


This type of leadership style tends to give full powers and abilities to the team, while playing a supporting role as a counsel or expeditor from the side. While this may encourage team satisfaction because of the trust factor, it still assumes that the worker or team knows best and is impervious to faults or errors. This can be problematic in the event of a team member making a drastic mistake or oversight. These type of leaders are trained to act as checks and balances to provide accountability for the team at all times.

Bureaucratic Leadership

This type of leader tends to go by the book and is a stickler for detail. Everything and everyone needs to follow a rigid pattern of adherence to a pre-conceived set of guidelines. Objectives and targets are achieved by meticulously conforming to these parameters. This leadership style however does not work in all environments. These type of leaders need to be trained to think out of the box and learn to trouble shoot creatively in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance or situation.

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