Welcome to MyOrbit. Our goal is better usage of the Internet for communication and business. We have gradually built a portfolio of domains and websites in different industries. Through our websites  and social media network, we can reach about 25 million people worldwide, or about 1% of global Internet users. We regularly see businesses struggling to get market visibility, and that’s a big barrier to get new customers for business growth.

Did you know that it possible to get the same quality business leads through online channels at just 10-20% cost of what it takes through offline channels? We have first hand experience of this fact because we have spent large amounts for getting business leads by telephone appointment agencies etc and they were nowhere as good or cost effective as what we can achieve by online business marketing.

MyOrbit is about just one thing: “How to Use the Internet Better for Business?” If you are a small-medium business, then you can benefit with our innovative service.

*If we can understand your business model and gain the confidence that your product or service is good quality, we can even give you a performance guarantee that our online business service will increase your sales by, say, 25% over the next one year.*

Based on understanding from 50+ online businesses, websites, and blogs, we have prepared a platform that can talk about your company, and maybe review your products and services, which brings credibility to your message to the market.

We believe that the days of expensive physical meetings have gone. Today with online audio/video hangouts, and suitable references, we can do most business online. Therefore, it is possible for you to stop wasting time with uninterested parties at typical business events/meetings, and get connect with interested people from across the world who are looking for what you have.

Starting from only $99 per year, we offer very affordable online marketing services for any business that does not have the resources to have full time technical and marketing specialists.

MyOrbit is supported by professionals with experience in different industries, who are spread across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and having experience with leading innovators like ABB, DuPont, Pfizer, Novartis, Kodak, P&G, Citigroup, Fidelity, McKinsey, Infosys, IBM and Oracle, and several small and medium enterprises. As a team, we are working to find better ways of using the Internet to benefit your business and profession.

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