Artificial Intelligence Evolution & Trends

If you are interested in the concept of Artificial Intelligence, this post if for you. Here’s an interesting video on the topic of technological singularity.

The technological singularity takes place when the human race succeeds in creating an A.I being more intelligent than any human could ever be. Let us call it Alpha. Since the act of creating Artificial Intelligence is a task that benefits directly from the intelligence level of the creator, this more-intelligent-than-men being would surely be faster and more efficient at creating his own A.I being, let us call him Beta. This second generation being would too be better than its predecessor, and could in turn create a third one, Gamma, who is even more powerful, and so on. As capacity increases, the median generation time decreases, resulting in an exponential rate of evolution that quickly becomes asymptotic, at which point it becomes difficult to speculate further. No one knows what Omega will bring…

Many people think of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) as the stuff of movies, but it is not. AI is slowly but surely moving forward in multiple fronts. Every time, we develop a software (or a combination of software and hardware) that can make a decision on its based on dynamic events, it is AI.

We can be sure about the potential and very realistic possibility of AI playing greater role in more common works, like helping companies in analyzing data and trends to make business decisions. It may not be something that will be launched like a shining brand new car, but fair amount of groundwork continues to happen – for example, how Google analyzes the activities of millions of web surfers – developing a system that can do more than what any group of peoples can achieve. Some other companies are actively using Neural Networks in a variety of market data analysis and prediction. There are endless possibilities.

Do let us know if you are involved or interested in such projects. Some of our team members keenly follow such projects.

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    This video was found interesting by a few hundred people in different over the last couple of days. While we may agree or disagree with the specific points of this video, we should pause for a minute to give a thought on incremental AI innovation happening around us.

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