Ayurveda Curative Treatments

Ayurveda is a life style and a health system. Consumers interested in Ayurveda should be aware that the name Ayurveda is not protected and hence misused by many.


Panchakarma is a very serious treatment system, which shall not be administered by unauthorised persons. It can cause damages to the health system. Please check if your doctor has a DAMS or BAMS degree from an Ayurveda University or at least a medical degree. It is better to ask about his experience before starting a treatment.

You will get a list of experienced and efficient ayurveda doctors at the directory.

Ayurveda Doctors have to undergo at least 5 years in any of the 150 Ayurveda undergraduate and 2 more years in any of the 30 postgraduate colleges and Universities in India.

Traditional Vaidyas – who hold practical experience working with their Ancestors practising Ayurveda have a vast practical knowledge on Ayurveda Chronic diseases are better treated in Hospitals run by Ayurveda doctors or Ayurveda Vaidyas (traditional physicians) rather than in wellness Resorts.


Conventional Medicine and Ayurveda

Many conventional Docotrs now study Ayurveda and recommend Ayurveda treatment to their patients. When two or more types of medications are used, there is the potential for them to interact with each other.

As a result, the effectiveness of at least one may increase or decrease in the body.. It is always better to inform your Ayurveda doctor about conventional medicine you use.

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