Battle Update: Google Youtube vs Viacom

Fresh updates have come from the courtroom on the Legal Battle between Google Youtube vs Viacom.

You will like how Viacom asked for the house-keys of Google Youtube with it’s list of demands, which includes:

  • Youtube User Data and Logging Histories
  • Copies of all current and deleted videos (including private videos!)
  • Source Code of Google Advertising Schema
  • Source Code for Google Search Engine (and Viacom will do what with that :-)

If you keep Internet economy and content privacy aside for a minute, Viacom sure is showing Goolge how to make a living with just a legal team.

So there’s a method to it, perfected over decades: Invest one-time in producing some decent content, and then make a living with lawsuits.

Now the judge has agreed to some demands, and said no to others.

To learn more, here’s a detailed blog post by Larry Dignan of Zdnet.

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