Businesses Best Suited for Angel Investors and Financing

If you own a high gross margin income type of business and will be in your best interest to work with a small business investment company or angel investor. A business plan is imperative if you’re seeking outside financing, and if your business generates high gross margins then it is extremely important to have this within your business. If you are applying for a bank loan then you’re going to need to showcase exactly the tangible assets that are going to be purchased with a capital that you need as well as the gross margins of your business. In your business plan, you should have a showcase of ability to operate their business on a day-to-day basis.

Within your business plan for a funding source, you should include some obvious ideas in your market analysis as well as connecting needs from related markets. As it relates to your capital structure, preferred shares typically do not allow angel investors to have a say in the ongoing management of your business. Most venture-capital firms operate on much larger scale than angel investor networks and they will want to take a large portion of your business. However, if you are operating a low risk business then it may be in your best interest to seek an alternative form of financing Angel investor networks typically syndicate larger deals so that individual investors can take a lesser risk. That financing provided by private individuals do not usually require a personal guarantee against personal assets in order to receive the money that you need. Large investments may be more appropriate for a venture capital firm especially if your business is not suited for a business loan or private funding source.

It is extremely important, beyond having a business that is well suited for a private investor, that you demonstrate the experience of your Management, and that your business will be profitable will go a long way to attracting potential investors. On a side note, most angel investors have an investment time frame approximately three years to seven years and your business should be able to support this requirement. As well, just as a potential funding source is going to look in your business, you should take a very close look at any party that you intend to do business with. It is important to consider whether the product or service you are offering will be in demand to determine investor suitability.

If you are not suited for a private investor then you should be aware that financing has been extended to loans that most banks would have previously considered to be too small to be profitable through the SBA Low Documentation Program. You should always make sure, if you’re operating technology business, they have patent protection or copyright protection on your product if you are working with private funding sources. Angel investors are smart people as they have generally become wealthy through their business acumen. If you feel that your business is still best suited for an angel investor then you should work closely with a CPA and an attorney to start this process.

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