Buying Email Lists – Perspective From the Insurance Sales Coach

Are you thinking about buying an email list to increase your insurance sales? Before you make that purchase there are some things you should consider Before you throw money away that could be invested more wisely for a better return. Plus you want to make sure you aren’t getting yourself into legal hot water and potentially huge fines.

It sounds like such a great idea. You could buy a list of 1,000,000 names and then send your sales message to those people. Just think if even 1% of those one million people bought from you, why you’d get 10,000 new clients. Hold the send button email breath it doesn’t exactly work that way.

Exactly how did the company selling you those email addresses get those names? Typically those companies have a website where visitors have to agree to get messages either knowingly or unwittingly from a whole host of other companies in order to get something they want. As an example, during the political campaign season there were banners ads all over the internet you could click on claiming you would get a free t-shirt for your favorite candidate for free.

Once you clicked on the banner ad you went to a website where you had to jump through a bunch of hoops agreeing to get other free gifts from other companies in order to finally get your free t-shirt. So if you did everything you needed to do to get your free t-shirt does that mean you wanted email from those other companies? Not likely.

The legality of this process is tricky and one I’d never personally want to risk. I certainly would never want to jeopardize my personal integrity with the people I hope to work with in this way. The people who got on this list didn’t really agree to opt-in to your email list. They may have opted in so they could get a free gift, but that isn’t the same as opting in to your opt-in email campaign.

That’s exactly what could create a legal or technical nightmare for you. When you send out your email thinking these folks are happy to get your message you might just get a nasty surprise. When some of the big internet service providers get a sudden burst of emails from an unknown sender, you, going to their clients they’ll flag you as a spammer and block all your messages so no one on their service gets them. Your own internet service provider may also flag you as a spammer when they notice that all of a sudden you’re sending a huge number of outgoing messages and they could block you from sending any email messages to anyone through their services. Both of these nasty surprises are a headache and can take a great deal of time and sweat equity to correct. A third nasty surprise is far worse.

Either one of the internet service providers or even an individual email recipient could report you as a CAN-SPAM legislation violator. Guess who bears the burden of proof on that deal. Yep, you guessed it…you.

Even if none of those bad things happened a purchased email list is still a bad investment because they’ll opt-out of your email campaign in huge numbers. Even the ones who don’t opt-out are about as likely to do business with you as you are to win the lottery. So getting a return on your investment will be challenging to put it in the best way I can.

There’s simply no logical reason to buy an email list when you could easily build your own list of highly responsive people who will buy from you. All you need is a one page website, a way to capture information from your visitors, and an offer to give them something they’ll want. Then once you send them the information they asked for they really have opted in to “your” list and you can legally prove it if you ever needed to. Plus you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with this stranger and convert them to a buyer.

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