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Anchor Tools

1. Account Info:
First Name: Sujad
Last Name: Rashid
2. Business Info
Business name : Anchor Drills & Tools Ltd
Preferred Category : Industrial, Metal Working, Tools
Description : Suppliers of diamond core drills,TCT core drills,diamond glass drills,plumbing tools,welding magnets,Lathe tools,knurling tools,tool holders,carbide cutters,rotabroach cutters,magnetic drill bits
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Eurostar Goodbye Waterloo, Hello St Pancras

Eurostar in the UK is going to get High Speed rail soon! And that’s very interesting for any frequent intra-Europe traveller. From November 14, 2007 (mark the date please), its going to be faster travel, and at least 30 to 60 minutes shaved-off your UK-Continental Europe train travel times. The 186mph high-speed line from St Pancras International in London to the Channel Tunnel means that the UK will become part of the high-speed rail network that covers much of Europe. Check out their website for more information:

Eurostar St Pancras London

In fact, Eurostar is joining Europe’s other leading high-speed rail operators to form Railteam, to make your journey even easier. Railteam is being brought to you by a group of rail companies – along with Eurostar they are: Deutsche Bahn (Germany), SNCF (France), NSHispeed (Netherlands), ÖBB (Austria), SBB (Switzerland) and SNCB (Belgium), as well as two of their high-speed subsidiaries Thalys and Lyria. Railteam covers any journey that starts and ends in a Railteam country (see the map on the right), at least part of which involves a high-speed rail journey with a Railteam partner.

Richard Brown, Eurostar CEO, sums it up best: “Railteam will reduce barriers between countries and build confidence in the quality and reliability of international services. It will provide travellers with an integrated network with connections as good as or better than airports, and make high-speed rail a really attractive and effective alternative to the more environmentally damaging, short-haul airlines.”

Eurostar Railway Tracks
Photo by Michael Walter/Troika

Paris-London High Speed Run by EuroStar

On September 4, Eurostar made history and broke the record for the fastest-ever train journey between Paris and London. For the first time in history, a Eurostar passenger train travelled from Gare du Nord, Paris to St Pancras International, London on the new High Speed 1 line. The average speed all along was 300kmph. Watch this great video that captures this historical journey that was made just a week back!