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Audio Book: 10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset

“I’ve distilled all I’ve learned about success from hundreds of clients and my own journey from working 3 minimum wage jobs to being a 7 figure business owner. Now I can work when I want, where I want. Here’s my story…” – Mark Tyrell

This audio book (10 Steps to a Stellar Success Mindset) is not an ordinary ebook or course. Its created and delivered by a successful entrepreneur (who has created a multi-million dollar business from scratch without any external funding), and a professional hypnotist. There are 10 parts in this audio course, and they are all valuable as a unit.

  1. Think Big
  2. Success Motivation
  3. Believe In Yourself
  4. Self Discipline
  5. Overcome Fear of Failure
  6. Overcoming Procrastination
  7. Plan Your Future
  8. Act on Your Ideas
  9. Improve Concentration and Focus
  10. Reach Your Goals


The Spiritual Architect

There are two types of spiritual architects. One builds on a foundation of separation and the other builds on a foundation of oneness. Let us use our spiritual growth to examine how each of these architects plies their craft. The following spirituality information is an analogy for building the structure of your life.

The builder who designs the structure of their life by using the foundation, the belief system, of separateness is limited by the expectation that there is something they need that they can fail to get. Everything they need is exterior to them. They are separate from whatever it is that they desire, including their architect.

They can request their architect, the supplier of their needs, to fulfill whatever it is they request, but there is no guarantee that the architect will obtain the object of their desire and distribute it to them. There may be an insufficient supply in this architect’s warehouse. You don’t know because you are separate from the architect and separate from whatever it is that you need in order to fulfill your desire.

You don’t have a close working relationship with this architect who builds on the foundation of separateness. He is an elusive fellow who is not always available when you need him or have questions that need answering. He’s a busy guy running a big busy operation. Not only is he an architect of people’s lives but he also has another gig where he is a judge.

That’s another nice thing about working with the architect that builds upon a foundation, a belief, of oneness. You are in a true collaboration with her and no matter what kind of structure, what kind of life, you decide to build it is okay with the architect. In fact, this architect revels in the diversity, the uniqueness, of each of her clients.

This architect doesn’t put demands or requirements on her clients and conversely does not judge the structure, the life, which the clients pick out for themselves. This architect has a never-ending relationship with his clientele and is more than willing to remodel, upgrade or tear down and build again any structure, any life, which the client decides should be their next creation. Remember this architect is available 24/7.

By making no demands or requirements about how you, the builder, decide to design the structure of your life, the architect makes no judgment about your tastes or desires. You can be as outlandishly extravagant as you want or as bland as you care to be. With this architect, the client is the boss so no structure, no life, is ever praised as the best or condemned as the worst.

All the structures, the lives, designed upon this foundation, this belief system, are worthy projects in the eyes of this architect who receives his joy from just being in collaboration with the client.

The client is the boss, so there are no conditions imposed by the architect that would restrict her ability to fulfill the client’s wishes. Whatever structure, whatever life, the client desires is what the architect supplies and delivers. It all looks good to this architect. There are no structures, no lives, which are superior or inferior to any others. They are all equal in the quality of construction. Each structure, each life, is different and unique in its own way because each builder has a different, unique take on how they want their structure, their life, to look and function.

So each builder, each person, is building the structure, the life, that is designed and constructed by them in collaboration with an architect that has the sole goal in mind of collaborating on the structure of a life that is chosen by each and every client with the free will to choose whatever they desire, with the proviso that they are free to change the structure of their life in any given moment of now.

This architect is so gracious that she will even allow you to use the architect that builds upon the foundation of separateness if you so desire.

About The Author
Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. He used to post his articles on his website:, but that domain expired around 2013 and its now with another owner. However, his valuable articles will remain online here on:

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