Creating Health and Curing Cancer Are Not the Same!


Hello and welcome, this is for those people who have discovered that they have cancer and have a determined desire to be cancer free and healthy. This will only appeal to a minority of cancer sufferers, those that want a deeper understanding and are willing to change. This article is related to ‘The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process’, this is the essential process that one needs to undergo, in order to be healthy and healed from cancer.

The majority of people, who have been shocked to have a diagnosis of cancer given to them, are understandably overwhelmed and distraught at this turn of events. What happens now, is that to escape from the pain of fear and uncertainty that is consuming their life, they seek to take actions, that is, to do something. This “I must do something” is vital to alleviate the depression that would be all consuming if nothing was done.

The ‘doing something’ though has a terrible cost. Let me explain, doing something and taking actions, seems logically enough that you are doing them to beat cancer, survive cancer, get rid of the cancer, fight the cancer etc. You may think that the purpose of taking these actions is as above but usually the actions are taken to alleviate the uncertainty that you were plunged in to.

When you were in a state of shock following your diagnosis, your unconscious mind was flooded with the meanings, perceptions and beliefs that you held about ‘Cancer’ and I suspect the conclusion you had, is that Cancer kills, Cancer is a Death sentence etc.

Now it is widely accepted in the media and socially that there is no cure for cancer, and you would not know, how to cure cancer or heal cancer, so you have a death sentence and no escape. This of course is extremely depressing and fearful, for you do not want to die. Because you do not have the information that would lead you to escape the death sentence, you are in a dilemma.

Stay with me here, for I am describing what goes on at different levels of the brain and though you may disagree with some of my words, I am describing the processes that occur, usually at the unconscious level, which you will be unaware of. The dilemma is that the brain can only process and make conclusions from the information that you have.

What certainties is your brain presented with when you were diagnosed, 1. You have Cancer. 2. Cancer kills (etc). It is important to be blunt with you, because at the level of brain processing, it is computer like, totally unemotional, just data processing. So the only conclusion your brain makes and accepts, is that death will occur as a result of the diagnosis. The only variable is time.

Do you remember saying to yourself “I am going to die”, did you ask the doctor “How much time do I have?” The first conclusion or certainty that you recorded in your brain is that you will die. To accept this emotionally is depressing and the depression that would follow, would lead to an even more premature death than the cancer and far more painful.

So avoiding the overwhelming pain of the depression, is the reason that you take the actions, treatments, cures etc. You may feel that you are trying to survive cancer and though this is what the conscious objective may be, the unconscious will be aware of the original certainties and conclusion and so your body will conform to this. Which means, that the actions will have the affect of alleviating depression, pain and mental anguish, and not returning to health, being cancer free etc.

That is why there is a plethora of cures (they probably all work some of the time, placebos work), everyone (most) is looking for a cure, everyone is looking for certainty, everyone is basing these searches on the original beliefs that cancer kills and is a deadly disease. Cancer is not a deadly disease, cancer is a symptom, cancer is the body’s response to all the information that is relevant at the particular time.


What is cancer?


is explored in ‘The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process’. The human body can be seen as an information transfer machine. By this I mean that information (data) is the governing principle. You are exactly as you are now, purely because you are the sum of all the information that pertains to you.

You, your life expression, your state of health and this thing called cancer, is the result or if you like, the perfect harmonization of all that information. There is nothing wrong, there is no malfunction, there is only resonance with information. Stay with me, it may sound weird and metaphysical etc but hang in there.

The totality of You includes the state of health that you are in, this thing called cancer is in perfect harmony with the story of you (which is the totality of the information). The process is always perfect, that is, the result always equals the (totality of) information.

If you want a different result, health for instance, then you need to transform the information. Information arranges itself into patterns. It is the patterns or schemas that create results, as information is neutral/static and patterns have force and movement, they are like instructions, they produce effects.

The state of affairs that you label cancer, is a result of patterns, change the patterns and you get a different result, change the patterns to ones that result in health and that is what you will get as a result.

So what information patterns create health, this is of vitally importance, for you cannot cure cancer, you can only create health or create ill health. When you have created health, then naturally you will not have cancer. If you have the purpose of curing your cancer, then: –

    • You will manifest resistance, for you are trying to be in disharmony with the existing information patterns.
    • You believe the cancer is the cause and not a symptom. Therefore the cause remains unchanged and still present.
    • You are divorced and ignorant of your cancer. The cancer cells are your cells responding perfectly to the information pattern. As they are your cells they partly make up the totality that is you.
    • You are attacking a part of yourself when you attack the cancer.
  • You can only create, you are not creating anything when you attempt to cure cancer, you are simply fighting shadows.


You may say ‘that when I cure cancer, then I will be healthy’ this seems logical but the body’s self healing system is the only system that can heal you. This is a totally unconscious process and at this deep level, curing cancer simply does not compute, for how can it cure something that is already operating perfectly, there is nothing to cure. It will simply keep the status quo; there is nothing new to create.

Back to – what information patterns create health;-

  • Most importantly, there has to be a reason for changing patterns, you may say that “I don’t want to die”, sometimes this can create enough impetus to change but usually it does not create a reason to change patterns and be healthy, because it is only stating the status quo, you also didn’t want to die before you knew you had cancer. It doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere. Are you happy to have a poor quality of life, ill health and pain etc, as long as you don’t die?


So what reason have you to be healthy? Are you surprised by your response or lack of response, to this question? So create a reason, a massive one, one that compels and motivates you, one that forces you to break out of that cocoon that is surrounding you. Discover a reason and a purpose for living and living Well! And then decide to go for it! 100%.

    • Healthy mind, emotions, beliefs, thoughts and attitude. This is a biggie, you have to get rid of your emotional baggage, your self destructive thoughts, emotional stress etc. This is an absolute essential component and where the majority of information needs to be transformed. ‘The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process’ on my website explores in depth this area.
    • Healthy fresh organic food, the more man has interfered with it, the more carcinogenic information in the form of toxins there is.
    • Unpolluted environment.
  • Minimal stress in daily living.


If you have these health creating patterns, then the cause of this state that you find yourself in, which includes cancer, will be eliminated and there will be no reason to have cancer. The cancer cells will return to normal cells and you will be in harmony with the new information pattern.

Philip Martin

Philip Martin is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Life Patterns, the Secret to Emotional Freedom” and “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process, a clear and defined pathway”. He is a gifted therapist based on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Australia. His website is []

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