Crude Oil Price Target Service

Attention: Crude Oil Traders

Profit from our crude oil trading expertise!

Our Crude Oil Futures Trading – Price Target Service — is operated by professional commodity and crude traders, and aims to share price targets with other crude oil traders for a small fee, backed with 100% money back guarantee.

You maybe sitting in Thailand, Russia or Venezuela, and still make millions trading crude oil on Nymex, using the vast array of online charts and demand-supply reports about crude oil production and oil tanker loading/docking schedules. The Internet is making such things it possible for oil traders worldwide to share their insights.

Today, there are no limits to what you can achieve with crude oil futures trading, and we can help you profit more with our inputs.

Specifics of our service:

  1. We will email our crude oil price target for next 15 days, within 24 hours of your order (usually within 120 minutes if we are not far from our systems)
  2. Our price target will be at least 2 dollars away from current price, so you can make neat profits with your crude oil trading service.
  3. Each price target email will be as follows:
  • Date: _________
  • Current Price: $ _______
  • 15 Day Target Price: $ ________


“When I am not sure of the market direction, I like to pay you a visit. You are my crude doctor!” – Mike, Crude Oil Futures Trader in USA

Fee only US $100 per price target

P.S. 100% Money Back Guarantee: If our price target is not achieved in 15 days, we will give you 100% refund – you don’t even have to ask for it. We don’t know of any trading service with such a guarantee! In other words, if our crude oil trading service does not make money for you, then we would rather keep your trust your money.

P.S. If you are a professional or institutional trader and want crude oil price targets more frequently or for longer term price trends, we can help you for $2500 per month. We are totally into crude oil trading, tracking every supply and demand data out there. Imagine getting assisted by a professional crude oil trader for just $2500 per month! You will receive ongoing mails from us about crude price trends, and whether to buy, hold, or sell. You could make more profits every month. This includes speaking with you on the phone twice every week to keep you updated with whatever trends we are seeing. We will see you as one of our partners, and you must make profits for us to feel satisfied. If this interests you, please email us:  connect [@]

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  1. Hi, crude oil has corrected sharply in the last few days. Is this due to fundamental reasons or just profit booking by traders? Please share your views.

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