Do I Need an Insurance Sales Coach?

There are different views as to whether a sales person requires a sales coach.

They are people who have doubts if a coach can be of much help to improve performance of an insurance agent. Yes, there are many agents who are self starters and self motivators. They are fuelled by their burning desire to go extra miles in order to succeed in their business. Many insurance agents succeed through their hard work. They put a lot of efforts in their business. They reach out to as many people as they can.

However, if you are looking for a breakthrough in your performance, you need someone to challenge your thoughts so that you can form a new belief system that will change your performance . You need someone to tell you your blind spots so that you can see more clearly what is preventing from going beyond your perceived limitation. You need someone to hold up the mirror and give you an honest reflection so that you can see your whole new self.

These jobs are best performed by a coach. You need a coach to systematically guide you to overcome road blocks and conquer obstacles on your journey to greater success. A good coach will be able to use his practical experience to help you discover your performance gap and achieve breakthrough.

Yes, you have the choice to buy a book to learn how to enhance your performance. However, what you learn from the book, though may be helpful, is meant for the majority of the readers. The book will not be able to provide you with advice that is unique to your situations. Everybody has different levels of strengths, weaknesses and potentials. You need a personal coach to design an improvement system specifically for you.

A coach is another pair of eyes that tell you things you don’t see yourself. A coach provides you with insight, objective critique and actionable feedback from an outside vantage point. You need a coach to combat your greatest enemy i.e. complacency. We are creatures of habit. We tend not to look for alternatives and we choose to do things that we can do without giving much thought. We need a coach to shake us off from the chair, take us out of our comfort zone.

If you are already in your peak performance, do you still need a coach?

The answer is “Yes” if you are not contented with what you have achieved and always looking for ways to perfect your skills. Even tip-top athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps use coaches. They need coaches for one simple reason. They need a breakthrough to bring themselves to the next level. In order to do so, they need experienced coaches to tell them what else they can do to push the limits.

A good coach places his interest before yours. His success is dependent on yours for both of you share the same goals. He can be your good friend who listens to your joy or sorrow. He motivates you when you get discouraged and alerts you to get ready for the next challenge every time you triumph. He shares both your heartbreaking and record breaking moments.

Your coach and you form a powerful partnership where both of you take each other seriously. Both strive to give the best in order to achieve your common goals. A coach to you is like the wind beneath your wings helping you soar higher ground and see things in broader perspective.

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