Empower Your Sales People With the Right Sales Coaching Process!

Nearly all elite athletes have a coach. Rarely do you see an individual or team scaling the dizzy heights of success without a well thought-out coaching structure, appropriate motivators, and when needed; soft or firm guidance in the right direction.

A successful sales coach aligns a team to a common objective by both individually and collectively coaching a team to work through common or unique problems and opportunities. A coach also helps a sales team prepare for competition via a relevant interactive sales coaching process. Designed by the coach this process is most effective when the sales coach applies her experience, relevant insight into what’s worked and not worked in the past towards the team’s objectives. Whilst also being open to change and coaching the team towards uncharted possibilities.

Effective sales coaching is not proclaiming to the sale person; ‘this is how things should be done’. On the contrary; successful sales coaches guide their students to ask ‘what do I need to learn? And ‘how can I do this better?’ And by exploring and answering the question the sales person develops his or her own capacity to think, solve problems and create opportunities. Much like sales theory: telling is not selling. Moreover, directing a sales person is not sales coaching. This type of interaction is simply micromanaging, this process weakens the sales person’s capacity to think for themselves.

A successful sales coach leads the sales person to a place where true growth and personal transformation can take place: from within.

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