Frank Quattrone leading Silicon Valley Tech Deals Quattrone has re-emerged as the top investment banker in the Silicon Valley after coming out from the legal tangles and two court cases in the past years (one trial resulted in hung jury and the other resulted in a conviction, which was overturned by a higher court). Over the last 2 years, as Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley reduced focus from early stage tech ventures to focus on main stream cash flow businesses, Frank Quattrone was well placed with his vast executive network in Silicon Valley to capture the market by offering his tech business selling expertise and services to tech companies wanting to sell out or raise growth capital.

It is estimated that Frank Quattrone now advises about 20 companies through his company Qatalyst Group, from giant Google to National Semiconductor, and smaller start ups. He was involved in theĀ  deals, including EMC’s purchase of Data Domain. The Qatalyst Group is beleievd to be at no. 3, behind Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, on technology deals above $1 billion so far this year. That’s very going indeed by someone who was almost written off a few years ago.

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