Fund Raising Secrets for Startups & Early Stage Companies

Wall Street Capital Raising SecretsIf you are leading any type of business, then you will be making decisions about capital structure – how much equity, how much debt – what sources, when, etc?

It does not matter whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 100 company. In fact, capital raising and venture funding is one of the most common areas where our clients seek help.

Here’s something interesting and immediately useful. We recently completed the study of a very informative and practical EBook on raising capital for Start-ups and Early Stage Companies.

We believe this is the most comprehensive guide available on the topic of Raising Capital, and the entire process surrounding it.

Based on our research, this is the most detailed and practical ebook on the topic of capital raising available on the Internet, written by professionals who have raised millions of dollars in business funding. Once you start reading the ebook, you will immediately see how much value is there in the book.

If you had to engage the services of Wall Street professionals like Timothy Daniel Hogan, it would cost over $1000 per hour, but you can get their life-long experience and lessons packed in this affordable ebook. So if you are involved with startups, or business funding in any way, this ebook is a must read.

EBook Chapters:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Raising Capital in the United States of America
  • The Five Most Important Concepts When Raising Capital
  • Rules of the Game
  • The Top 15 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Raise Capital
  • The Four Professional Functions of a Securities Offering
  • Organizational Structures
  • Deal Structuring
  • Investment Risk vs. Return
  • The Two Most Popular Deal Structures for Private or (Limited) Public Placements
  • The R&D of Debt Capital
  • The R&D of Equity Capital
  • Making Structural Changes
  • Changing the Mode of Operation
  • Instructions to Producing Pro Forma Financial Projections
  • Company Valuation and Securities Pricing
  • Securities Offering Document Production
  • Soliciting & Selling Securities to Raise Capital
  • Compliance with Federal and State Securities Laws*

Because its an EBook in pdf format, you can buy and start reading it in the next 5 minutes. Click here to purchase online for immediate download: The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up & Early Stage Companies


“As an entrepreneur turned educator I only wish I had access to such an insightful book when I started my first business. The CCA people have taken the mystery out of raising capital and how capital deals are structured. Through a step by step process the entrepreneur can now look at the many options available to raise capital and scale their business. The book is a must read for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow.”
– Leonard Gingerella, Clinical Professor, Entrepreneurial Studies, Loyola University-Chicago

“I purchased your book “The Secrets of Wall Street” and must say that is very educational. Thank You for sharing your information at a great price!”
– Maurice Nusom, Residential Holding Partners

“The Note/Equity Kicker PPM you and your tools helped us create is fantastic. Thank you. We have raised about half of the $1 million, and need to get this out quickly to a broader audience of people who are attracted to Note/Equity packages (11% coupon on ours).”
– David Spigner, CEO, Boda Borg Corporation

“Are you kidding me? This ebook is worth thousands of dollars. This has really opened my eyes up to a whole new world of raising capital. I have been investing in real estate for 5 years and raising small chunks from local folks, but know I am moving onto to much bigger apartment building deals and trying to figure out how to quickly get funding together correctly in order to get the best the most possible deal buildings. I have big dreams and even bigger goals.”
– Daniel Dawson, Dawson & Dawson, LLC

“Hi Commonwealth Capital, I have purchased your [Placement Producer – Reg D™] package. Although we already have a business plan and GAPP compliant financials, I am finding your information and documents phenomenally valuable and I thank you for them!”
– Connie Kelly, President and CEO,

“Thank you for the guidance. I have read the forward and first two chapters of The Secrets of Wall Street. The Financial Architect System is for me.”
– Kevin Hathaway, Hathaway Bio Oils, Inc.

“I just want to give you all the credit you deserve for putting together such a detailed program. It reveals all the information one would need to go to market with a solid securities document to raise money.”
– Rod Willis, CEO, US Market Development

“Recently we purchased the eBook and Reg D packages. We wanted to ask one question and say thank you so much for an incredible finance, capital raising, education and coaching tool that settles so many questions ALL AT ONCE! We are elated to commit to this process long term and to know that the false romances [are] behind us now.”
– Tonya C. Johnson, President, Vision’s Sown, An Ancient Baking Company

“This book is a complete primer that is straightforward, accurate, and practical. It simplifies the legal and financial complexities of the funding process in direct language, and is focused on getting the entrepreneur to do what he/she does best ‘take action.'”
– Raman Chadha, Executive Director, Coleman Entrepreneurship Center DePaul University

“It’s a clear explanation of the process for raising early-stage capital with valuable warnings about the pitfalls.”
– Robert F. Anderson, Director of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago

“The Ebook is one of the most complete and well written primers on the subject that I have read. We intend to make it required reading for our inventors and contract executives here at the Center.”
– David Falter, Executive Director Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Northwestern University DevLab Center for Technology Commercialization

“They [CCA] decided to bring some of the success strategies used by major corporations to smaller, entrepreneurial ventures! The company’s goal is to educate business owners; and to provide them with the legal documents and other tools necessary to develop effective deal structures…with the goal of attracting more investors. Bottom line, their mission matches Center for Urban Businesses mission of assisting small businesses to achieve the next level of significant growth.”
– Freida J. Curry, Executive Director Center for Urban Business – University of Illinois at Chicago

“I must say that I think your e-book is a “Tour de Force.” It is outstandingly clear, concise and full of extremely practical methodologies. I think it should be required reading for any early stage company looking to raise capital. You’ve done an excellent job.” – David Stacey

“Any start-up or early-stage company seeking to raise capital could save itself substantial time and expense by first utilizing the information provided in this eminently practical tool.”
– Dexter Johnson, Esq., Mallon & Johnson, P.C., Chicago, IL

“Thanks for recommending this guide. The author’s expertise is solid, and it has given me a couple of new ideas to raise money.” – Ryan Weber, Internet Entrpreneur

Click here to purchase online for immediate download: The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up & Early Stage Companies

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