Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Foods – Michael Pollan

Being involved in farming ventures first hand (Big India Farms), we support what Michael Pollan is saying in this video.

“The real key to genetic engineering is control of intellectual property of the food crops that we depend on,” says Michael Pollan of companies like Monsanto. He advocates an open source Genetic Engineering (GE) mode, because today, you can’t publish your? research on Genetically Modified seeds by Monsanto otherwise they would bring a legal case against you.

Farming has become an occupation and cultural force of the past. Michael Pollan’s talk promoted the premise — and hope — that farming can become an occupation and force of the future. In the past century American farmers were given the assignment to produce lots of calories cheaply, and they did. They became the most productive humans on earth. A single farmer in Iowa could feed 150 of his neighbors. That is a true modern miracle.

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