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One of the foremost complexities to starting a business is to obtain the necessary capital in order to launch your operations. In many instances, most people gravitate towards angel investors when they are first starting their business operations since they do not qualify for business loans. Of course, prior to seeking outside investment, you should determine whether or not you are able to get a traditional bank loan. Many people feel that they are under qualified due to a credit score or lack of collateral. However, you may be surprised that you may be able to obtain financing without having to give up a significant portion of your business to a third party.


When you are focusing on getting angel investors, it is extremely important that you first develop a comprehensive business plan that will allow you the ability to showcase your business to a potentially interested party. This business plan should outline and diagram how much money you need to start a business, how you will attract customers, how you intend to use investment funds, and how much income you expect to generate from the business. As time progresses, we are going to continue to focus on how you can produce this necessary documentation as you approach outside funding sources. If you have issues putting together a business plan or a business prospectus then you may want to consult with a business plan adviser or certified public accountant.


As it relates to how long it takes to finance a business, you can expect that this process will take anywhere from three to twelve months. If you have a number of contacts within your industry or know a number of angel investors then the timeline can be much shorter. However, if you are new to the world of entrepreneurship then this process may take longer. We recommend that you plan on taking up to one year as it relates to receiving a capital infusion into your business. The speed in which you can obtain an outside investment into your company also depends on your ability to have all of the necessary documentation in place once you secure an investment agreement from a third party.


In closing, getting angel investors is not an easy process. You will not only need to be well versed in your business activities, but you will also need to be able to negotiate with a third party so that you can receive the business capital that you need. As always, your attorney and your certified public accountant can properly advise you in regards to these matters.


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