Getting Started With Google Docs

Collaborative team effort – is a must to achieve something big — but as anyone who has worked in a team to prepare a proposal or a business plan or any document will know — it’s a big challenge to ensure that people are working on the right versions and tracking who’s changing what. So often, one person in a team is made responsible just for this work – the anchor! But if you want to do it better — Google Docs offers a good system.

The adoption is still very small because most of us in business feel uneasy about putting our “next quarter projections on the Internet”. But if you asked the opinion of a neutral 3rd party software specialist, you will realize Google has built a fair amount of security around the docs. And like is most cases, those of us with the biggest need and smallest budget will get onto this before others who have more disposable capital and effort. But give it a try- we found it good!

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