Google Mobile Search Ads Go-Live

After about a year of trials, Google has announced it will begin including AdWords advertisements within Google Mobile Search results. In an email shared with advertising partners on Tuesday, Google wrote: “We are happy to announce a new feature that will allow you to easily reach additional qualified customers who are searching Google from their mobile phones.

n the next few days, your search ads will be eligible to run on Google Mobile Search pages (like they currently do on We are offering this feature – and any resulting clicks – for free through November 18, so you can experiment with the rapidly growing mobile platform while still reaching qualified customers.” For more info on this, read this Search Engine Land article.

Google Mobile Ads

Now, Mobile advertising has been predicted to be a big market, and while some businesses have taken their positions, others are still discussing over their white boards, and still others are making power point presentations that may not turn into action for another year.

One thing is for sure: mobile advertising is going to benefit from all the wide screen devices that we have been getting, including this Treo (one of our favourites!) You can receive text and images, like menu cards, driving directions, hotel room pricing lists, and more.

So how can you benefit as a business?

As you can expect, there will be a high demand for services while a person is on the move — related to transport, food, medicines, hotels, finance, etc. If you can deliver a reliable service, then there is an opportunity to advertise on the mobile platform, and sell at a better profit margin because the consumer is usually looking for immediate response, delivery, or action. For these services, he or she most probably won’t sit down to prepare a detailed comparison table, and you can get the order if you can deliver in the short time-frames.

But if you can’t you will have more than your share of irate customers!

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