Helping Poor/Orphan/Blind/Disabled Girls in India – Prerana Resource Centre

While we may not speak about it, but a poor girl child in India has a tough life. And if such a girl child is abandoned/orphaned, plus blind/disabled, that’s like worst case scenario with abuse waiting to happen amidst a difficult life. However, one person I know is helping such girls. She is Prashantha, the founder of Prerana Resource Centre at Bangalore.

“Prerana” means inspiration in Hindi, and Prerana Resource Centre offers that plus more to blind/disabled girls many of whom are also orphans, by giving them a safe shelter, training them, providing employment and instilling confidence in them to lead a normal life in spite of their handicap.

I have known Prerana Resource Centre since 2003, and have been at the centre; one of the most humbling moments of my life, to receive warm welcome by blind/disabled girls who live one day at a time in a bare minimum shelter, but they have hope. And that hope is because of Prashantha. She has put everything she owns behind her cause, and her commitment to help these girls is deep. Even at very difficult moments, she maintains her smile and positive outlook – that somehow things will fall in place despite the constant shortage of resources to help the girls.

Please see if it you can contribute; every bit counts. I personally guarantee Prashantha’s sincerity and hard work, and through this post, I want to bring her cause in front of more people. You can help in a variety of ways: buy food, clothes, or just give money, which they put in fixed deposit and use the interest every month. And if you are in Bangalore, you can visit the Centre, which will make everyone there happy. Their website is:


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