Herbal Academy – Curriculums in Herbal Medicine

Find Herbal Academy(s) in the United States and Canada. Once you’ve decided to enroll in an herbal academy, you will discover a whole new world of natural healing, health and wellness.

At an herbal academy, you can often choose from different courses that are geared toward specific levels of education and certification.

For example, students in an herbal academy can often participate in diverse career studies including natural health consultant, herbal consultant, and professional certified herbalist programs.

In an herbal academy, students will learn about herbs, diet and health; herb identification and properties; herbal preparations (including herbal baths, teas, liniments, tinctures, herbal oils, herbal blends, slaves, herbal formulations, etc.);

herbal uses; basic anatomy and physiology; healing properties of herbs; how to grow and handle herbs; and many other subjects of study. It is not uncommon for an herbal academy to offer elective courses in aromatherapy and iridology.

Depending on which course of study you choose, an herbal academy can prepare you to become a certified herbalist; where you can practice as a natural healing practitioner. In some cases, an herbal academy may provide an herbal sciences degree program.

In this instance, students can anticipate in-depth studies in anatomy and physiology; herbal sciences, biochemistry, botany, microbiology, pharmacognosy, herbalist nutrition and several other related classes.

In addition, an herbal academy that offers this degree program will require some formal prerequisite education, as well as a fair amount of commitment from the prospective student.

Conditional upon the herbal academy or school you decide on, some courses may be completed in a few weeks’ time, while others (such as degree programs), can take up to 2 years.

Typically, students who have successfully completed all required practical and clinical studies in an herbal academy will receive a certificate of completion and will be certified to begin practicing this age-old healing art.

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Herbal Academy: Curriculums in Herbal Medicine

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