Hire a Business Coach Or Not? 7 Questions to Decide

Now, above all times, some businesses are prospering and others are falling by the way side. The difference might just be a Sales Coach.

How do you know if you need help? Answer these seven questions. If you cannot easily come up with answers, some help is in order!  Savvy investing in yourself and your company today could be the difference in surviving these times to enjoy the next upturn.

Question #1 – How do I know my business is performing at its peak level? Now is the time to be sure each department is performing at top notch capacity. This is especially true if you are a solo-entrepreneur and the entire company IS you. All parts need to co-ordinate seamlessly and support each other.

#2 – Where are the places that things can be done differently and more effectively? If you have been doing your business for some time, those things might not be apparent to you. What are you doing about your trouble spots?  Do you know where they are? An outside, trained eye can give you valuable perspective.

#3-What should I do first to make a change in my results? If you are wrestling with overwhelm, and have six things to implement, it’s hard to know where to start. If you can see that some (or several) procedures or products need to change, how do you determine where to start?   Use a coach to devise and implement your best strategy.

#4-How do I think about my problems in a constructive way? All solutions come from thoughts first. And thoughts are largely governed by the questions we ask ourselves. Knowing the right questions to ask is the first step to an answer.

#5-How is my company living up to my vision for it and for myself within it? Have you lost your plan and business strategy in a never-ending attempt to solve the daily problems? If you have lost your plan, you have lost your way.

#6 – Who do I talk to when I want to brainstorm ideas, hash out situations, restructure things? A coach is like your own private Master Mind partner with your goals as their priorities. Often simply speaking an idea aloud to an interested and discerning coach can trigger more ideas, suggestions and helpful thoughts to appear in your mind.

#7- Who do I go to when I need support? Where do you find a listener on your side that has no agenda but your own? Even if you have a supportive partner and family, they have a vested interest and a point of view that may not agree with your agenda.

And, if your support is the guy behind the counter at Louie’s Bar & Grill, you definitely want to consider a coach!

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