How To Flush A Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are formed in the kidney due to the presence of stone forming elements in the urine. There are four different types of kidney stones – calcium, uric acid, struvite and cystine stones. The cystine stones are formed because of hereditary reasons and there is no cause for the formation of this type of stones.

Generally, kidney stones are not noticed until a sever pain is felt in the back. The stones will result in pain only after becoming significantly larger in size. When you have pain while urinating, you lust consult your doctor to take kidney stone test.

Most people ignore this and they visit a doctor only after developing larger stones, which cause severe pains.

The natural kidney stone removal involves flushing the stones away from the kidney. Once the stones are flushed to the urinary bladder, they will be automatically moved out of the body when you urinate. Flushing the kidney stones can be done only by the fluids.

Water is the best treatment for kidneys tones. They are mainly formed by dehydration in the body causing concentrated urine.

When you drink plenty of water, the urine concentration decreases and the formation of kidney stones can be prevented. Even when you have developed kidney stones, water can help you in a great way by flushing the stones out of the kidney.

When you drink more water, you will urinate frequently and each time the stones will be removed from your kidney. More water thorough the urethra will push the stones down to the bladder even if they are slightly bigger in size.

Though it will cause pain, you can be relieved of larger stones in the kidney. When you undertake kidney stone removal treatments, you will be left with broken stone pieces in your kidney most of the times. If you know the secret to flush those stones, you can stop the development of stones further.

Apart from water, lemon juice can also help you in flushing the kidney stones easily. As most kidney stones are formed by calcium deposits, the lemon juice will dissolve the calcium and will reduce the size of the stones. When the size is decreased, the stones are easily flushed away from the kidney.

You can also take herbal tea that can dissolve the stones. As it adds to the fluid content in the body, you can flush more stones from the kidney. You have to ensure that you take at least three litres of water to flush the kidney stones frequently. Some people take lime juice along with virgin olive oil to flush out the kidney stones effectively.

Kidney stones are found in men and women are less prone to kidney stones. Once you have developed kidney stones, you have to be careful in your diet and you should take plenty of water.

Water is the best inexpensive natural treatment that keeps flushes out kidney stones and keeps you away from pain. When you prevent dehydration you can effectively prevent the formation of kidney stones.

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