How to Join our Blog Network? “Blog Network” is a network of blogs on various business topics by professionals worldwide, who are also members of this channel. Each member benefits by increased visibility of their viewpoints, and our audience benefit by getting a range of inputs from diverse professionals right here on

The following diagram describes the concept. We expect to have 100+ business/profession focused blogs in our network by the end of 2007.  Many of them will be integrated into our site, so you will be able to navigate seamlessly from topic to topic – even though each topic is run by a different professional. We are at the start of it, and we think it will be very useful to our viewers.

Do you want to be part of our Blog Network? We are looking to add new members, which fills the entire matrix below, and you could focus on any area/areas that you follow closely. 

So if you are looking run a blog with global exposure, this could be your opportunity. Let us know which topic(s) you follow closely, and whether you already have a blog or whether you want to co-author/participate in existing blogs or Groups .

If you have your own blog, you can continue to run that. Otherwise, you can contribute on one of our existing blogs and a relevant ’Industry Group’ on – and that includes this blog as well, which is about applying new media to business – trends, challenges, and success stories. We would rather have this blog as a worn out pavement than an untouchable shrine like some of the CEO Blogs on the web.

Whether you run your own thing or use our platform, you should publish 2 posts per week (text/ audio/ video) to be included – because such a level of activity is required to run a live source of information/insights with a regular audience. If this sounds exciting to you, then we will be happy to show you a couple of interesting options along with an attractive reward.  To express your interest, email Shankar at: connect[at]  with ‘ Blog Network’ as the subject.

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