IMF Economy Update and Thoughts for You

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will revise its figures for global growth after the recent financial tumult. The largest downward revision is expected for the U.S. economy but the IMF says growth will likely slow in Japan and parts of Europe as well. Contributed by: BusinessCenter.TV -Sep 7, 2007

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My reading of the situation: it’s not bad at all compared to the difficult times we have seen before over the last 2 decades; so let’s not get jittery for every pothole on the road. And as far as I know, businesses that are using online channels today to reach customers worldwide are really growing at an attractive pace. So if you are deriving over 90% of your revenues from offline methods – BDMs, Sales Staff, Channel Partners, etc- you are at risk. I have absolutely no doubt in that because your cost structures are just too high compared to your competition which may be using online methods to get up to 50% of their revenues. I can say this because we recently helped a business in increasing the online sales component while reducing the sales force effort. It’s possible and it’s happening.

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